Shop Til' You Drop Event Showcases Up and Coming Designers

Hollywood- Kami Shade hosted 'Shop Til You Drop' at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel on Saturday, July 22nd with some of the hottest up and coming designers in the fashion world. Each collection held its own in the packed room of designers, media, and guests who were ready to shop. Entertainment included fashion shows debuting Kami Shade's swimwear and eveningwear collections, as well as some musical performances. As models lit up the stage with attitude and style, guests indulged in jewelry, handbags, massages, and edgy new clothing designs. Splash has asked a few of the notable designer guests  to offer our readers an opportunity to learn more about the creativity and inspiration behind their collections.


Fadres Accessories

Fadres is the creation of Derek Thomas Stovall. " I designed the company to make my art more accessible, mobile, and durable. Art that has the ability to travel and affect its environment. My designs are the next level, the final frontier (for the box purse) if you will. They resonate with the youth of today. They are high-end hip, glamorous, edgy, talk pieces. Show up at the bar with one of these bad boys and get ready for some serious looks. They're instigators. Every piece is 100% unaltered by any graphic manipulation. One of a kind pieces are available as well as duplicates. A one of a kind piece can run   up to $700.00.  The duplicates however are very reasonably priced at approximately $175.00 retail. A preview of the line was available for viewing at this year's American Music Awards. Sarah McLaughlin was among one of the intrigued buyers. Look for my unique line of clutches and fashion apparel coming next year. I am not limiting myself to fashion; I am using my designs for interior design purposes as well.  I have a full line of super hip multi-purpose tile coasters hitting the market this season as well.'

Make sure to check out these unique handbags at



Janaration Jewelry

Yoga Inspired Jewelry is created by Jana Camp. 'By designing with a purpose I wanted to create simplicity in my pieces that inspires and promotes self-confidence, independence, creativity, healing and harmony. Jana Camp is a Yoga teacher, Jewelry Designer and Actress from Atlanta, Georgia. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Having three creative and mentally stimulating outlets really aids in the balancing of the mind, body and spirit.'  

For more yoga inspired jewelry go to 



Peeler Gear  is designed by Maryam Dalan. 'We are a lifestyle brand with super hip activegear. Our line includes track jackets, tees, zip-up hoodies, thermals and more. Our look is all about the super distressed fabric, ribbing on the sides for a more fitted look, and long cuffs. We tend to focus less on the designs on the clothes and more on the fit and cut to compliment all different sizes. I am opposed to the trendy busy designs out there; I like the cleaner, classic look. We have almost perfected the glitter glue and foil we use so it will not crack or fall off the clothes after you have put them through the wash. We also put out limited editions of all our styles, making what you wear totally unique and totally yours. I think the best way to describe my look is a rock n'roll athlete who is ready to party!' Peeler is based out of Hollywood and you can see people such as Brittany Murphy, Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, Tommy Lee, Shane West, Ashley Parker Angel, The Eagles of Death Metal, Holly Robinson Peet, and Dave Navarro wearing the activewear around town.

Peeler Apparel

Check out what this rock n' roll look has to offer at

Hypnotherapy .

Research shows that our conscious mind is only 12% of our minds power- it is the seat of our logic, reasoning, decision-making, and will power. Our subconscious mind is 88% of our minds power. It is the source of our emotions, feelings, fears, phobias, anxieties, habits, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, and belief system. It is our 'blue-print' that is behind our thought process, actions and the results we produce in life. 88% is quite a bit, isn't it' Hypnosis is one of the best and safest tools in the world, to change our inner world and re-write our blue-print to be a positive and empowering one, consisting of information that moves us forward and gives us that motivation and confidence we so much need to go beyond our 'stuff' and be able to create our life rather than be created by it. Through hypnosis we can eliminate fears, phobias, anxiety, addictions, depression, direction and clarity in life, motivation, self-esteem, assertiveness, goal- setting, improving your golf game. Also, in hypnosis we can prepare for painless childbirth, as well as reduce anesthesia needed in surgical procedures. If you are the kind of person that believes there is another level and wants to create a new subconscious content in which to powerfully live from, you owe it yourself to find out more how Hypnotherapy can accelerate results in every area.

To learn more about the treatment of hyponosis please visit www.MindYour

Butterfly Creations by Stefanie Greenberg.

Working out of San Francisco, Stefanie has had a passion for the art of jewelry since she was young. She started beading her own accessories on a daily basis to match her outfits for school. After years of practice and education on her art, Stefanie decided to take it to the next level and share her creations with others. One her notable additions to her extensive line of jewelry is her handmade, etched sterling silver pendants. "Adding handmande pendants is just one of the many things I am doing to try and set myself apart from other designers" she said. She is not limiting her sales to the West Coast, she can be found in cities from Chicago to New York City.

Interested in what unique accessories you can add to your wardrobe? Feel free to visit

Miss Misa by Misa.

Miss Misa Jewelry was started in 2005 by a young woman by the name of Misa. She began collecting vintage and retro charms, chains, and semi-precious stones to start her unique collection. As a college student she paid attention what people were getting into on campus and let her creativity flourish from her tiny dorm room.

For a vintage twist on your jewelry collection, visit

Unique Handbags Courtesy of Fadres

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