Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund White Trash Beautiful Launch - Zebras, Leopards, and Cliches Oh My!

The internet was a buzz about the debut of White Trash Beautiful fashion line from Richie Sambora and Nikki Lund; but, not for the actual frocks. Everyone was talking about Ava Sambora, the 12 year old beautiful collaboration of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear.  

The tiny Sambora held her own against the pros as she pranced her way down the catwalk in 4 inch heels and tiara. Her father and half of the White Trash B eautiful team was most notably MIA from this milestone in his daughter’s life; but such is the life of being a famous rockstar’s daughter. Mom, Heather Locklear, had enough pride and enthusiasm for 200 dads.  Ms. Locklear proudly sat front row, surrounded by friends, trying to hold back the tears while filming it all on her camera phone. 

Aside from Ms. Sambora’s debut, there was another event that drew everyone to that giant white tent that evening: White Trash Beautiful.
The name of the line pretty much set the viewer up for what to expect (or rather what not to expect). Maybe this is why Los Angeles gets a bad rap about fashion. There is no depth; unless of course you are groupie for an 80’s hair bad. And, even those cougars are tired of the market being flooded with unoriginal designs.

The show itself seemed unpolished and the fashions confusing. Viewers in the crowd were wondering if the “rips” were supposed to be there or a freak accident while the models were rushing to change clothes in the back. One model came out in an ensemble that resembled Kid Rock early on in his career. If Kid Rock, the king of white trash, moved away from this outfit, why would anyone want to revive it? Then, models were paraded out in outfits twice. This also confused the viewers into thinking they had too many at the open bar beforehand that they were seeing double.

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Overall, the show consisted of cheap looking fabrics with rips and zippers in confusing and painful places. The patterns were very stereotypical of lower end rocker wear: zebra and leopard with some sparkly pieces thrown to distract us from the lack of design.  The shorter the better seemed to be the motto of the line; but the fit on the models was less than flattering. Again, it seemed unpolished as if they never fit any of the models previous to the show’s run that evening. They showed too many pieces that had no reference to each other.

TV Personality Brigette Marquette and Splash Magazine Lawrence Davis walk the red carpet

One piece did, however, stand out. Washed amidst the sea of tour bus wasteland was The Peacock (at least that is the name I am giving it). This piece I owe more to the peacock than actual design. The beauty of the peacock feathers stuck to the model’s body and flying from her hair makes one wonder why Lund didn’t follow that inspiration.

After so many years on the road with rocker groupies, I thought Richie Sambora would want to improve the image. I went in expecting a more refined rocker look but came out disappointed. 

Designer Nikki Lund takes her bow at the end of White Trash Beautiful

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