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Ready to Wear: Naqada's Fall 2005 Collection

By Paria Kooklan

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On March 20th, the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2005, Spanish label Naqada displayed its Fall 2005 ready-to-wear collection in the Main Tent at Smashbox Studios. 

Naqada designer Octavio Carlin named the fall line 'Collage' to reflect the eclectic mix of themes and influences from which he created the designs (according to Naqada, these included pixie fairies and the 2004 film 'Vanity Fair'!).  As it turned out, the name was apropos '€" the fall line was bright, fun, and altogether reminiscent of the funky pieces you might find at a funky Melrose Avenue boutique. 

Teal minidress with pleated skirt.

Notable designs included an ultra-short dress made of teal satin and featuring a pleated skirt and deep v-neck; a strapless white gown made of puffy quilted nylon; and a plethora of plaid, wide-leg trousers worn with high-heeled boots and sexy cropped sweaters.  Many of the designs were reminiscent of the '60s 'mod' look; for instance, an argyle-print minidress paired with black tights and tan suede ankle boots. 

Tie-dye jacket with slacks and motorcycle cap.

The men's collection was even more distinctly retro than the women's.  Like the women's, it was also clearly based on the fusion of several different elements; Carlin's inspirations included the recent film 'The Motorcycle Diaries' and the teen fashions of the 1980s. Thus, while a number of the models sported retro-looking wool slacks and leather motorcycle caps with ear flaps, there were also 80s-style graphic t-shirts and nylon jackets. 

Overall, the Fall 2005 collection succeeded in doing what every ready-to-wear line aspires to do: striking a perfect balance between vision and accessibility.  Carlin's designs showcased his talent while remaining down-to-earth enough for ordinary (albeit fashionable) men and women to wear.

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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