Pegah Anvarian @ Mecedes Benz Fashion Week

If there were wanted posters for fashion design outlaws, Pegah Anvarian's poster would probably read along the lines,  "5'3 female with bright smile, dye stained hands and a truckload of fabric was last seen occupying every available washing machine at various Laundromats throughout the Los Angeles area". 

In the early days as a struggling fashion designer, Pegah Anvarian admits she must have been kicked out of almost every Laundromat in Los Angeles because she had to dye the fabric herself for the beautiful garments she had in her heart to design. 

This quest began with a piece of cashmere silk knit fabric that called to her at a remnant store in downtown Los Angeles. After spending the whole night draping and re-draping that one piece of fabric into different tops, dresses and skirts that matched her unique fashion style, Pegah began laying the ground work for her sexy line of clothing which has made her one of the hottest new designers to come out of Los Angeles.





So the mission continues; a trip to the desert and an encounter with a hawk soaring though the desert sky was Pegah Anvarian's inspiration for her Spring/Summer collection for 2005.  Her theme for this season is about openness, freedom and beauty.  Her beautifully draped garments give the impression as if they were poured on the models like a beautifully refreshing river of water.

This watery reflection has its foundation in Pegah's love for underwater worlds. She expresses her love for aquariums and jellyfish, thus explaining the fluidity of her garments which gives the pieces in this collection a soft and elegant feel.  This collection is absolutely beautiful from start to finish. The colors she selected for in her words are "muted colors of the desert". These colors include; rich corals, marble, mauve, lavender and pewter. Some of the pieces that stand out in this collection are the Marble Kimono Top,  the Marble Knit  Dress, the Teardrop Halter, the X-Back Dress and  the Open Side Dress. The Butterfly dress, the Ballerina dress, the Goddess Dress and the Princess Dress are ultra feminine and ultra sexy. These garments will make you feel sexy no matter what your size, and that is the message Pegah wanted to communicate with this beautifully constructed collection.

I am happy to say I am not alone in my rave about her collection. . Her fast growing fashion resume' includes among its fans of her collection; LeAnn Rhimes, Sara Michelle Gellar, Darryl Hannah, and Kobe's wife, Vanessa Bryant.  Add Superstar J-Lo to the list as she has requested specially made pieces for her personal wardrobe from Pegah as well.  Gone are the days where she is running from Laundromat owners and from one too many dye jobs. With a staff of 10 and a company that dyes the fabric for her, Pegah continues her mission with beautiful results.


Photos by Karen Ostlund

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