Meghan Fabulous Spring 2007 Collection

A "Baby Doll" & "Dress of Cards"

Meghan Fabulous, Meghan Spring 2007 Collection is FABULOUS, and I LOVED her show. Every model that came down the runway made me smile. I was plainly charmed. But wait, I can't even use the word plainly in any form when talking about Meghan Fabulous. The show was at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held at Smashbox Studios in Culver City.

Sharon thinks Meghan's Fabulous!

Her clothes are sexy, entertaining, cool, outrageous, upbeat, and downright enjoyable, fun, and pleasurable! There is no way you could wear a Meghan Fabulous creation and not have a riot! At least that's how I see it. Paris Hilton must have a ton of Meghan dresses!

Meghan's girl 'just wants to have fun' but if you mess with her you better have on your armor because she just won't stand for it.

The dresses swirl around you

The summer prints heat it up and just scream, 'I am summer hear me roar!' The Meghan girl is independent, but oh so adorable. These dresses look great on everyone. I especially loved the short kimono tops that kind of fell off the shoulder, and were worn on top of some of the dresses. I'll have to get one (or two) of those. Each kimono has different panels of a mixture of Meghan's lively and bold prints.

Meghan is a young designer, but she has clothes that anyone with a touch of whimsy could wear.

Her innovative approach to fashion just sparkles. During the show, the clothes, the colors, the prints, the music, the beat, the ambience, the audience beaming, everything worked together to texture the air as if it were sprinkled with glitter.

And my, oh my, the goody bag they gave out at the show! It was just my scene. I immediately put on the sunglasses, which were so distinctive, even Lawrence Davis, (Publisher and Editor in Chief of Splash Magazines, Worldwide) and my boss, tried to 'persuade' me to give him mine (They're girl's glasses. He'd just have to give them away to someone special to make big points). Instead of the sunglasses, his bag had a gorgeous necklace I was drooling over (he doesn't know how bad I want that necklace either, and don't tell him. I need a bargaining chip).

(r) my sunglasses

I haven't even gotten to the hat yet. Mine is gold colored and crocheted. It has long thin braids coming down on each side. It is the cutest thing you ever saw and I wore it to Smashbox the very next day. Everyone was commenting on it. Strangers were taking my picture, just because the hat was soooo cute, or maybe because I looked so cute wearing it. I told them it was a ' Meghan Fabulous' and if they went to her show, they better look in their gift bags. Lawrence had one in his bag in a different color, so I want his too! He hasn't given it up yet, but I'm trying to convince him that it wouldn't really work on any of his bevy of girls so I would gladly take it off his hands. I've just begun to resort to pressuring him, but I don't want him to know how much I want it!

(l) my gift bag hat (r )necklace in gift bag

Lawrence is still working me and trying to get my sunglasses. I've been wearing them ever since the show, and everyone comments on them and tells me how cool they are. Yea right, like I'll be giving those up even if he is the boss!

Check the beer can hat

A lot of the models came out wearing a Meghan beer can hat, (the only thing I wasn't so into), but it was all in good fun. Then some of the models had t-shirts that were emblazoned with the word 'LIAR.' I could wear that with a couple of people I know!

Heather in LIAR shirt

Meghan studied at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Next she served an internship at CFDA, which created the opportunity for her to work with Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi (I love Isacc's clothes too and have a lot of them in my clothing menagerie). Her experience in New York was the catalyst that fueled her motivation to create her own brand.

Visions in Gold

California's sunny beaches and free wheeling lifestyle brought her back home to her family and friends, where she began her ride as an entrepreneur. She first began by creating three labels for the junior market under Mazzie Gold, Meg & Ginger, and Meghan Noland .

2 more Lovelies

Meghan's designs show her passion and create a global lifestyle brand that combines her unique style, craftsmanship, and personality. She is an artist who adorns women with inventive designs, stunning, light and easy to wear fabrics, exciting brilliant colors, and sexy cuts.

Meghan's clothes have been worn by many of Hollywood's premiere actresses and singers; Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Heather Locklear, Sharon Stone, Mya, Macy Gray, Vivica Fox, Rachel Bilson, Kylie Bax, Heather Graham, Jennifer McCarthy, RU, Mia Maestro, Reese Witherspoon, Alyssa Milano, Hillary Swank, Tori Spelling, and Nicole Kidman, to name just a few.

Her collection is currently carried at Nordstrom Savvy Department, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Madison, Diavolina, Dale Michele, Barkley Hope, Indigo Hong Kong, Fashion Fair Ireland, Kids are All Right, Ambiance, Cassis, Dari, Trinity Clothing Co, and many more specialty stores around the world.

Meghan's design talents have not gone unnoticed by the press and media. She has been featured in LA Splash, WWD, ELLE, Glamour, Lucky, In Touch, Angeleno, Rolling Stone Magazine, OK! Magazine, Audrey, Metropop, People, US Weekly, Star, Entertainment Weekly, Foam, Los Angeles Times, Teen Vogue, California Apparel News, Fashion Wire Daily, Essence, Jane, Hollywood Life, Las Vegas Magazine, Zink, Unleashed Magazine, Daily Candy, and many other media outlets.

Paris in a Meghan dress

Meghan is tailored for the fashion driven sexpot who seeks out different looking, high-end designs that focus on quality, color, fine fabrics, striking prints, detailed construction, and unique personal touches. Meghan's clothes are unique, whimsical and capricious. They make a women feel sexy, feminine, exceptional, and most definitely FABULOUS!

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