Make a Beeline for Rebecca Beeson!

Make a Beeline for Rebecca Beeson!

In preparation for the freedom of Spring-time, Rebecca Beeson's new fashion line is right in line with every woman's fast paced schedule. Her fabric choices are of superior quality and comfort, and yet stand out as fabrics that say, 'I may be casual, yet I look fabulous anyway!' This was Rebecca's first runway show, and to her credit, her eclectic collection of everyday outfits definitely express a glamorous appeal that perfectly merge with comfort and ease. Rebecca's line gives a happening look no matter what time of day or night it is. Many of her tops and sweaters can be easily matched up in creative layered looks, allowing for a variety of possibilities.  Several faux fur jackets and vests added extra appeal and a savvy-rustic look. Even though the overall focus was on casual designs, femininity was preserved by using a blended gathering of high quality textiles with rich colors and soft, sensual substance. Many of the pants were jeans that were made from a wide variety of subtle and beautiful textures in predominately solid colors. Skirts were also worn to match with some of Rebecca's famous signature t-shirts, although gorgeous form fitting jeans and comfy velour track pants were the main matching attire. 

There was one sweat suit set that was made from a royal blue sweater knit that was sumptuous in color and lavishly soft. Some of the knit fabrics were very sheer and you could see through the sweaters knit to a hint of the color of a cotton top worn underneath. Plaid fabrics were thin patterned and some of the pleated skirts had lace borders that contrasted qualities and colors in most unusual ways. Beaded trim and braided belts tied the outfits together in creative ways that gave a mod look to each ensemble. Knee high boots gave a down to earth feel to hip length sweater tops worn with skirts and soft knit scarves. Several comfy cowl neck sweaters were worn stretched over the shoulders or with a relaxed natural collar. Belts and sashes were used to compliment the t-shirts and sweaters with glimmering and textural effects. Accented straps, bodice lines, and seams added glittery embellishments to favorite t-shirt designs. The soft cotton fabrics came in pastel colors, beiges, bright tints of solid colors, and even vivid fluorescent colors. Several of the jackets and vests had big faux fur collars and were worn over long sleeve and cropped cotton t-shirts. Mixing t-shirts with tie under the bust sweater tops, gave style to show off hips and sexy bellies. Most impressive was how well the colors, textures, and accessories all came together for a very comfortable yet inspiring look. Several tank tops had a baby doll flounce that draped over the low back and hips. Many of these tops were embellished with tasteful touches of sequins and beads. Glamor, fun, comfort, and quality, all rolled up into one superb package! Rebecca's fashions allow women to give themselves permission to feel natural and alive and yet elegant and refined, all at once. The Beeson collection also serves all ages of women. Rebecca's eclectic creations do service to a myriad of moods, and comfort rules through all of this diversity! Here's Rebecca Beeson modelling her long sleeve lime-green t-shirt ensemble at the end of her show.





























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