L.A. Splash Magazine presents the Summer/Fall Fashion Runway Show of two of today's hottest designers at AVALON Wednesday July 7th.

It's officially summer and we have just celebrated the birth of our nation by flying the flag and going to our annual Fourth of July barbeques, and fireworks shows.  We've had a long weekend and still being in the patriotic spirit, as well as the party spirit, you - like me - may be asking yourself what's next? Where's the Party? How can I cool down from this summer heat? And the ever popular - what have I got to wear?




It is warm outside and taking off your clothes may be more on your mind than putting on clothing, but go ahead get dressed and cool down at one of the most sizzling shows in town. The Summer/Fall Fashion Runway Show sponsored by L.A. Splash Magazine. Where two of today's hottest designers, fifi collection and deseo23 are showcasing their latest collections.


The design inspiration behind deseo23 comes from the profound beauty and strength of the woman and the cultural landscape in which she inhabits, creating a synergy of woman, earth, and technology in the collections.






The unique creations of the fifi collection's are created with the designs ranging from Asian and Middle Eastern influences while maintaining an air of mystery and adding an unmistakable hint of sensualty to the line.






Michelle Rodriguez

It's "Hollywood Baby" and the show will take place at the famous AVALON in the heart of Hollywood. Their will be guest celebrity models featured in the runway show, hosted by Michelle Rodriguez (S.W.A.T., The Fast and the Furious).  If that isn't enough enticement to get you out on a Wednesday night there are many celebrities expected to attend the show.  So go on bubka, see and be seen.

To RSVP for the Complimentary VIP LA Splash Guest List email: [email protected] or call: 323-606-5100 by 5:00 pm Wednesday and say LA Splash sent you. Bring all your friends or should I say posse!! 

The where's and what's:
Wednesday, July 7, 2004
Event venue opens at 9pm
Runway show starts at 11pm
AVALON,  1735 N Vine St.  Hollywood

These photos were taken with the unbelievably easy to use Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera. The camera is equipped with a really neat low-light laser focusing assist. The Cyber-Shot's unique "night framing" night vision settings makes it really fun to use in both low-light and no-light enviroments. This camera is perfect for those memorable evening events as well as daylight shooting with its 5 megapixel clarity.

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