LA Splash-Sponsored "Revamp: The Sequel"



They say sequels can never top the original.  In this case it's up for debate.  On Wednesday September 1st, 2004, LA Splash presented a one-of-a-kind fashion show, produced by Niki Shadrow (also the birthday girl), who debuted the Black Eyed Peas new clothing line in the original Revamp Fashion Show. For your average weekday night with the beautiful people of Los Angeles, enjoying couture fashion, hip-hop music and a superb venue, this night on the town was certainly a party to remember.



Held again at the famous Avalon club on Hollywood and Vine, the sequel kicked off with an open bar from 9:30-10:30 with S Guaro drinks, a new alcohol from Costa Rica.  Thirsty partygoers lined up to enjoy complimentary cosmopolitans and tasty tropical drinks as they mingled in the lush, low-light atmosphere.  As the night deepened, LA life soon filled up the club, from its well-known dance floor to its comfortable balcony.



Cojo and guests

The sophisticated crowd consisted of invited VIP's, who were privileged to reign at the snugly exclusive Spider Club, celebrity guests, celebrity fashion designers, and international print and electronic media, including LA Splash's very own mermaids.  Attendees rubbed shoulders and partied with the likes of Mischa Barton, Alana Stewart, Josh Schwartz, Brandon Davis, Rick Yune, Sam Sarpong, Chad Muska, Andrew Lawrence, and Caroline D'Amore.  Celebrities Niki Shadrow and Sean Stewart were there as well to celebrate their dual-powered birthdays.  Cojo's, everyone's favorite celebrity stylist from Entertainment Tonight, was also attending the event to cast his professional eye upon the fashion proceedings.


Lounging in the Spyder Room


Talented hip-hop artist SINISHI soon livened up the stage at around 11pm, preceding the fashion show, with his wonderful Neo soul band that included some very talented backup singers, a saxophone player, a drummer, a mixer, and a versatile percussionist.  With a lively performance, SINISHI soon had the crowd pumping and ready to party.  He left the stage before midnight, leaving an already-excited crowd even more eager for the fashion show to begin.



And begin it did.  The curtain lifted, and A Ghetto Fabulous Models Night Out started.  The freshest fashion show of 2004, it was described, and it lived up to its description.  With a flashy show of bright lights and loud arrival music, beautiful ladies in everything from cute to exotic clothes began to parade across the stage.  The male models, not to be outshone, also strutted with pride and confidence across.  Couture one of a kind pieces hit the runway for their debut.  The models wore cutting edge fashion designer clothes from Roxanne Jitomer (310-301-1646), Vixen T-shirts (213-482-9180) and Blue Tattoo Denim Skirts (213-494-8488), Kiki Stash (323-447-4421,, Erica Rose (310-314-0579, J. Valentini (562- 857-6453), Ron Dotson Women, Ron Dotson Men (310-360-1395), Moghadden (818-705-1615), Krys One (626-617-7241), Momen (323-461-0276), Aimisu (949-395-0916, Uriel Sanz (3230-385-2017, and Kaptain Women and Men Combined (323-634-1972).


Some outrageous, some bold, and some simply beautiful, the clothes never ceased to dazzle as the audience cheered in approval and appreciation the whole way through.  Attracting much of the attention was all the bling worn by the models, supplied graciously by Paradise Diamonds (, one of the top importers of fine diamonds in the world.  The brilliant jewelry dazzled brilliantly through the dark eaches of the club.  The models literally glowed as the intricate, custom-made, hand-picked diamonds sparkled against the similarly exotic background of the designer clothes.  All the while, the music never stopped playing, and the models never stopped parading.


Check out the sparkle of her bling! from Paradise Diamonds


When the fashion show finally ended, the audience shouted their approval in the ensuing dimness and quiet, as some models lingered on the stage to talk to admiring audience members.  Then the music started up again in earnest, the lights dimmed down the usual blue and purple colors of the club, and the crowd flooded the floor to dance the rest of the night away.


LA Splash Mermaids











These photos were taken with the unbelievably easy to use Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera. The camera is equipped with a really neat low-light laser focusing assist. The Cyber-Shot's unique "night framing" night vision settings makes it really fun to use in both low-light and no-light environments. This camera is perfect for those memorable evening events as well as daylight shooting with its 5 mega pixel clarity.

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