Kitten Magazine Spring Love Launch Party - Pure Prrrfection!

Kitten Magazine is an online magazine that covers everything that's hot in the world of fashion.  Founded by designer/photographer Mike Vensel, the magazine is published four times per year with each issue dedicated to taking its readers on a journey through the world of design.  Pictorials of runway shows, video footage and one-on-one interviews are some of the ways that the magazine captures each of the four seasons in fashion.  For the Spring edition of the mag, 'Spring Love', I had the pleasure of attending the launch party that was held at Holly's in Hollywood, CA.

Kitten Magazine.

Upon entering Holly's, a slide show of the magazine's images ran on one side of the wall.  As invitees made their way through the dimly lit bar/lounge, you could tell that they were just as mesmerized by the images as I.  The party atmosphere didn't end with just the images dancing on the wall, but also included the vibrations of music being spun out by the deejay.  My photographer for the night and the owner of Fully Graphix, Mario Chacon, Jr., and I stood for a moment taking in the scene. 

Takeisha Rayson and Kitten Magazine Founder, Mike Vensel

I soon encountered the host for the evening, Mike Vensel, as he was graciously greeting guests.  Armed with his own camera, I was charmed by the graciousness of Vensel's demeanor.  With a quick chat before continuing to join the festivities for the night, Vensel stated, 'The magazine was started about three years ago and is in the process of transforming into a print publication' this magazine is my baby.'  And what a wonderful baby it is.  With membership to the mag on a rise, it's unlike Vensel will have trouble attracting the investors that he needs to bring this to print.

Designer Megan Fabulous demonstrates what it means to exude Spring Love (l). Fully Graphix Owner, Mario Chacon Jr. (r).

The magazine's website features the Kitten's mission statement, which says, 'We are a small independent magazine run by a group of passionate individuals from unique backgrounds/We are a fashion magazine made by people who shape and influence the fashion industry.  We don't just publish fashion, we live and love fashion.'  This statement to be an accurate description of the people who I met during the launch party. 

Guests from left to right: Amber, Noemi, Stephen Pizzlo and Nic Sadler.

As the venue began to get more crowded, guests took the 'Spring Love' theme to heart as they giggled, danced and posed for the flash of cameras.  I spoke with several of the attendees who were either guests of magazine affiliates or friends of the founder.  Everyone had something positive to say about the magazine and their involvement.

The Deejay spins out tunes!

As the night melted away, many guest stumbled over to the joining club where there were couches and a fireplace to lounge in.  A couple of last minute photos and we called it a night.  I can't wait to pick up Kitten Magazine at my local newsstand and if you love authenticity and fashion, you will be anxious too!  Until that time, please check out the magazine online at

Launch party guests.

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