Jenni Kayne Fall 2005 - Razzle Dazzle

Imagine this is your life: You've just moved to a beautiful house in Coldwater Canyon. Your latest collection was sketched while you were sailing in the South of France, inspired, of course, by the blue-blue sea. Your clients include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Selma Blair, Sienna Miller, Rosario Dawson, and Laura Flynn Boyle. You're about to have your third Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show, and you're still only 22 years old. For L.A-native designer Jenni Kayne, this is life.

I was first introduced to Ms. Kayne's line, in the fall of 2003. It was my first time attending Fashion Week in Los Angeles, and the buzz was all about a new designer named Jenni Kayne. Even though, I stood in line for what seemed like endless hours, the word came that they were no longer letting anyone in. Disappointed, I started to walk away; maybe I would lick my wounds at the Beth Bender make-up booth. Deep in thought, I looked up and saw an older woman shake her finger. 'They always do this,' she said. 'They'll be back, watch.' Sure enough five minutes later, security came back to a sparse line consisting of a few stragglers, including myself, and the woman. Lucky for us, were all let in, and placed in prime location to witness Ms. Kayne's creations of inconspicuously ripped pant-suits and jackets.

The collection was simplistic, but showed promise. In the front row I spotted Vincent Galo. Engendering uneasiness, he smirked the night away, laughing at a joke only he was a part of.

Kayne has become seasoned, and this year's collection is no smirking matter. Some of the pieces seen on the runway include, tweed boxy short-sleeved jacket, an ivory cashmere cardigan, and plum wool tie pant. Chocolate leather vest with plum rabbit trim, a plum charmeuse shirt dress, black cashmere v-neck, black wool trouser.

With great confection Kayne employs pseudo-couture detailing, combining silk and fur-trim, and a dutchess ruffle, a notable signature detail, seen throughout this season's collection. Adding a sultry touch, Kayne accessorizes with sexy black hosiery and Diamonds by Martin Katz. Incorporating a palette of plum, navy, chocolate, ivory, and black, a moment of interest came, as I spotted a sparkle. A green beaded apron top, made with immaculate intricacy made its debut, invoking a response of ah's and oh's.

Rebuking the Victorian theme that was apparent throughout the show. Adding shimmer, this illustrious fabric breaks the barriers of evening clothes verses day clothes. The point, one should not be held down by barriers. For example, Kayne intermixes a green beaded mini dress with a necktie, olive rabbit cape, charcoal long sleeve t-shirt, chocolate leather military pant. The result, a sexy, sultry, and sophisticated collection.

There is an old saying here in LaLa Land; it's not about who you are now, but who you have the ability to become. With the challenging nature of fashion, last year's promised designer has come into her own.
It was the final seconds of the show, and Jenni Kayne, all smiles, followed her troupe of skeleton-like models for her final bow. The much-anticipated collection did not disappoint.

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