J Gerard Fall 2009 Collection – BOXEight Presents LA Fashion Week – Bringing Eco-Friendly and Peace-Loving Couture to the Runway

70s inspired hippie dresses with peace sign accessories

Designer Julia “Lady J” Gerard unveils her love for Rock-N-Roll and her dedication to promoting peace and harmony through fashion at this year’s Downtown LA Fashion WeekJulia Gerard’s designs, much like the designer herself, are unique and eternal with a rocker’s edge that has graced the bodies of many celebrities as well as countless music videos, television shows and movies for over two decades.  Her style is iconoclastic and symbolic to the Peace Movement and she prides on displaying that in each detail of her designs.

The men's line definitely made a statement for the runway

One thing that can be said about J Gerard is that strayed away from the standard norm of the way a designer presents his or her designs.  The designer’s choice in music selection brilliantly set the tone for the evening as the audience was listening to the sounds of the ‘70s.  It was almost as if one was reverting back to the Woodstock era where there was peace, free love and nudity. 

J Gerard pushes the envelope with these bustier dresses

The first set of designs brought out models who wore hippie, flower child-inspired clothing in thigh-high boots with peace sign accessories such as an occasional necklace or even an embossed peace sign on the clothing.  Even at one point in the show, a model graced the runway with attitude carrying a large bag full of bandanas as she threw them out into the crowd.

Thigh high boots compliment each outfit

As the designs progressed on the runway, J Gerard’s next set of designs bordered risqué as models graced the runway wearing minimal amount of clothing.  Designs ranged from just a jacket with a skirt to a low-cut bustier exposing the breasts and a layered necklace with a full length dress.  J Gerard definitely pushed the envelope with these designs and made a bold eye-catching statement. 

J Gerard goes innovative with these dresses

In addition to her inspiration and her attention to the detail of the Peace Movement era, she incorporated modern-style bustier rocker outfits accompanied with long-flowing dress trains.  Her use of colors and browns to signify fall worked seamlessly throughout the show.

Glammed out Rocker-inspired bustier outfits

Another design that captured the audience’s attention was an elegant cocktail dress that had the peace sign embossed on the rear of the model; a nice added touch that let the audience know that “ Lady J” is making her mark. 

This black number stole the show at this year Downtown LA Fashion Week

The overall presentation of  J Gerard’s fashion show lagged in a couple of spots as when a song would end, there would be some open space, but it didn’t faze any of the models who kept their same style of energy throughout the entire show.  The clothing was innovative and daring and allowed one to channel his or her inner rock star.  Her love for the genre made this a worthy addition to this year’s Downtown LA Fashion Week

J Gerard accepts her accolades and her applause for her Fall Collection

J Gerard’s store front can be seen on several episodes of HBO’s Entourage and her designs have been worn by many celebrities such as Prince, Dave Navarro, Bob Dylan, Heidi Klum, Dave Matthews, Ringo Starr, Cher, Rihanna and many more. 

For more information on this iconoclastic artist/designer, please visit her at the following websites:  http://onesheet.luthiersociety.com/jgerard and J Gerard’s Peace Gallery studio at http://www.jgerarddesignstudio.com

Photos provided by Soto Photography

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