Iron Fall 2005

With a boom of music in the darkened room and the silhouetted outline of his first model Leejay opened his fall 2005 fashion show of his Iron clothing line.  A true artist, Leejay's line is a kaleidoscope of bright colors and creative designs spotted through with the beautifully cut gentle colored dresses with innovative lines.  

The bulk of his fall line lies in his brilliantly colorful, wonderfully done tops and dresses that bring back sixties tie die in a hip and modern way.  "My original paintings are transformed into prints for women's clothing" Leejay states, and with his line he achieves a mixture of color that could only be created by a painter.  Whether with his "Purple Haze" scarf top, or his "White Tiger" pleated neck dress the colors that he creates are both unique and awe inspiring.

Models adorned in his colorful drape neck tops and black boy shorts strutted the runway and drew the undivided attention of the room.  If there is one thing that Leejay can be credited with, it is knowing how to make women look beautiful.  All of his designs celebrate the female figure, from his twist neck tops which beautifully fit a women's shape too his tank dresses than seem to flow around the models body with each step.  Nothing he does is bland or boring.  Whether it is his use of vibrant lava blues, violets, and tangerines all swirled together that give almost a psychedelic feeling to his designs, or his Lavender Woods batwing ruched waist dress whose creative lines make simpleness exciting.  The entire line is beautifully done. 

If color is not your thing, Leejay works brilliantly with black as well.  His Black Jersey dress with leather braid straps is the answer to the common "little black dress" as it is elegant and sophisticated without being boring.

With such exciting and creative designs no additional details were needed and models wore no accessories except an occasional black knee high boot; which helped to mirror the attitude of the clothes.  An attitude of casualness yet sophistication; a confidence in the way that the entire outfit flows together.  With each model Leejay truly does create a work of art.   His clothes fit in a cool and comfortable way, a way that when worn with confidence radiates beauty. 

Although the show is full of vibrant color it is the simple use of subtle crimson and lavender in monotone dresses that stands out in my mind.  Without relying on color the designs still remain exciting. Each dress is turned and twisted, layered and folded while still letting the true shape of the model stand through.  It was these lines that quietly steal the show even amidst the dashing designs of his more colorful pieces.


Photos by Getty Images

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