Lovely in Latex: Gaelyn & Cianfarani

Gaelyn and Cianfarani

Who knew rubber could be so attractive?  That was undoubtedly what many in the audience were thinking at Gaelyn and Cianfarani's show on Friday, March 18th as one model after another strutted down the catwalk wearing the label's signature fabric, which is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes. 

Genevieve Gaelyn and Atom Cianfarani, who started the Gaelyn and Cianfarani label (G&C for short) in New York just three years ago, create high fashion using cruelty-free, environmentally friendly materials. Their eco-consciousness has even won them awards from the Humane Society and the Recycle a Bicycle campaign.

Circle skirt made of black inner-tube.

Fortunately, rather than detracting from the clothes, G&C's unique fabrics add beauty and interest, thanks largely to elegant and innovative ways in which they are used by the designers.  The Fall 2005 line was no exception.  At the March 18th show, the crowd murmured appreciatively at an array of eye-catching designs: a romantic black cotton blouse paired with a circle skirt made of black inner tube; a poufy, flirtatious teal dress with inner-tube boning; and a long, flowing evening gown made entirely of black latex.

Teal dress with inner-tube boning.

The piece-de-resistance was a white latex wedding dress, complete with latex ruffles and rose-petal accents. Like all of G&C's designs, it was simultaneously striking, sexy and feminine. 

Latex wedding dress.

Who knows? After this, Vera Wang may just be inspired to trade in her usual silk and organza for some latex and rubber of her own.


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