Frankie B @ Smashbox-Mercedes Benz LA Fashion Week

I think of the 70's, and I think polyester, leisure suits and other fashion faux pas and I want to head for the hills, but not so with the creator of the Frankie B clothing line, Daniella Clarke. This is definitely retro fashion at it's best.  The inspiration for her past collections as well as this line stems from the laid-back rock'n'roll hippie style of the late 1960's and early 70's. When I look at her collection, it reminds me what Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison of The Doors wore for magazine interviews, photo shoots and when they performed in sold-out concerts. It was not just their music that was memorable but also their unforgettable anti-establishment fashion influence on their generation. With her Spring/ Summer 2005 collection, Daniella maintains the tradition and earns the title of "Honorary Flower Child" with these refreshing designs. There is a lot to savor and enjoy with this ultra hip, ultra sexy line.

Denim vest an tan slacks

Daniella has been credited with bringing the low rise hip hugger jeans back to the spot light and in this collection they definitely receive their fair share of the spotlight again.  She takes some of her signature jeans in this line and adds splashes of hand beading and embroidery along with her signature butterflies on the back pockets. Other low rise jeans in this collection beautifully defy the law of gravity and will definitely give you an injection of "attitude" when you strut your stuff in them; and if that were not enough, the eye catching hip hugger shorts definitely pick up the sexy vibe where the jeans leave off.  Like in the late 1960's paisley makes a comeback in this collection and with beautiful results. Her beaded silk chiffon top, palazzo pantsuit, triple layer skirt and cotton shirt in colorful paisley patterns are a definite must for your wardrobe. With an array of funky tops and jackets to mix and match, this collection makes it easy to express your funky fashion sense in any way you choose. 


Daniella remembered that Califorians love the beach and her swimwear is hot stuff!. If the word bikini did not speak of sexiness loud enough, Daniella affectionately calls her swimwear "low-kinis" and  how low do they go? they go seductively low!  And speaking of names, She also gave several pieces in her collection cool retro names like The Bohemian Dress, Beatnik Tunic, and The Stoner Hoodie, and for the party animals there are the Tequila Shorts, and the Dry Martini cotton shirt. The generous use of silks, chiffons, and jersey fabrics make these pieces not only sexy, but also comfortable. The Frankie B.collection maintains the retro vibe while keeping the style current with the 21st century.  Daniella did not forget the guys; bold colored shirts, jackets and casual pants round out this very hip and trendy collection.  The Frankie B  collection was definitely on the J-O-B.

For more information on the Frankie B. collection, you can visit thier website at:

Sexy and stylish


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