Fashionology Review - Cute But Will it Last?

The brightly colored store at 338 N. Cannon Dr in Beverly Hills is now Fashionology, LA.  

fashionology: logos for your shirts

Created by friends Elizabeth Wiatt and Jamie Tisch, they started it because as Elizabeth says,” We were teaching our girls to sew.  Bloody fingers kept on getting in the way and we decided to create a place where kids could do their own sewing.”  Their motto is “Dream it! Make it!  Wear it!”

fashionology mother and daughter bonding

After starting with just the kids, they soon realized that adults would like the shirts, sweaters, T’s, pants as well.  “It’s a great Mother – Daughter bonding event,” Elizabeth says as she pointed out some mothers with their kids.   They have even had kids come back several time, even though June 16, 2008 was their official opening day,  to create additional shirts and even make a whole outfit.  Mostly though their sizes run small and it is more for the younger kids as my teen daughter, thin as she is, could barely fit into their adult XL jacket.  

fashionology: already made examples

The white shelves house a multi rainbow color of items.  When the child comes in they pick out the color shirt they want.  Shirts average from $20 -22 to start depending on if it is a T or what.  Jackets start at $40 and skirts at about $22.  Then they go to the design post where they have a choice of various logos. The subjects are Peace, Juku, Pop, Rock, or Malibu.  The younger kids tend to go more for the pop while the older ones prefer peace or rock.  

fashionology: more logos

Next you design your shirt by dragging buttons, pins, patches and logos.  Each item costs differently.  The logos that get ironed on are approximately $9 each.  The necklaces and charms are also $9.  The bling stones are $0.25 and the charms are about $4.00.  The average finished shirt can run as high as $70 with all the charms and logos added, but it is fun creating your own clothing and some say it is a fashion dream come true since the kids can really express themselves and let the real “you” hang out. 

Once designed, the girls can do a fashion show at the end of the store where they have a "runway" and cameras for the kids to see how they look in their newly created outfits. 

fashionology: Alexzandra and friends waiting in line to pick out items

They are getting in some larger sizes for the adults soon and hopefully will upgrade the quality of their material since the jackets did not have lining and the shirt material was a little thin.   Still it is a fun place to be and a great experience to do with your daughter.  I know my daughter, Alexzandra had a great time there.  

For more information go to or call 310 550 7997

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