Fashion Shows at Shop 'Til You Drop

Kami Shade styles aren't for shy girls

Kami Shade' introduced exciting new designers to Hollywood at her exclusive 'Shop 'Til You Drop' event, July 16th, 2005 at the Renaissance Hotel. Celebrities and paying guests came to find exclusive items, be pampered in style and view an eclectic array of fashion

She won't need to worry about blending in


Sexy, funky, and unique styles strutted down the runway, letting fashion enthusiasts see some new designers' materials flow and come to life.

As the pulsing music swelled louder and the models ripped through the curtains, even the most ardent shoppers couldn't help but notice, considering some of the styles - many of which seemed to make some of the men in the room perspire, just a bit. And the air conditioning was working just fine.

Applause for Kami Shade

Kami Shade's own urban, trendy line was probably the most perspiration inducing of all the lines, flaunting outfits that climb thigh high, and plunge - no, make that plummet - toward, or past, the navel. Steamy or seductive might describe many of the pieces, but somehow those adjectives seem an understatement. Some of Kami Shade's dresses and skirts which provide a bit more coverage - reaching the upper thigh and with only deep v-neck lines - were nearly as awe inspiring. Maybe it was the way the colorful materials seem to slide airily down the body' well, on the models tight, long physiques, anyway.

I think of these tiny, form fitting pieces as inspiration dresses: an outfit I might buy around spring and stick in my closet until I'm able to fit into it sometime around summer. It's important to reach high, don't you think? And I imagine no trainer could inspire me better than a little Kami Shade' dress hanging in my closet. (

Max Richard "Pink Panther" jacket

After all that inspiration and perspiration, along came Max Richard to funk the place up - and I mean that in a good way. Designer Max Richard Benator and his partner, company President Lee Wasser, presented their line of blazers lined with funky fabrics. Max, inspired by his world travels and suit jackets found in Asia, brought the look back home to Los Angeles. He now designs them himself. Each jacket has its own name: 'Hoi An,' 'Pink Panther' and 'Memphis.' Hmmm...I wonder, what could have happened in Memphis?

Max Richard model in another style

Out swaggered the Max Richard models in faded jeans - with t-shirts, dress shirts or without any shirts at all - wearing their 'Hoi An,' 'Pink Panther,' and 'Memphis,' jackets, as well as other blazers I haven't yet met. All looking just as cool, edgy and confident as designer Max Richard Benator says someone will look and feel in one of their jackets. Jackets, he says, 'That can be worn anywhere.' He and Lee Wasser were wearing them that day - looking quite edgy and confident, by the way.

Max Richard Pres. & Designer modeling

( )

As the shopping, mingling, and pampering continued,

Alexandra L's bohemian chic

Alexandra L's line strutted down the runway - with an entirely different look and philosophy. Designer Alisa Lozovskaya's Alexandra L line is also inspired by her travels. Originally from Russia, she continues to search the globe for unique items to pull together her designs.

light & cool in Alexandra L

Down the runway sauntered a mix of textures; some created from light materials that, again, seemed to float upon the models bodies; yet these had a bohemian touch - mixes of revealing macrame tunics over jeans, or ethereal gauzy skirts with contrasting colored sequined tops. Alexandra L is perfect for the fashionable and sexy, hippy chick.

Alexandra L for an evening out

Sol Sis swings down the runway

Then, like a ray of light with a spectrum of colors, Sol Sis entered the room - swinging, clinging, light and vibrant lycra in solids and stripes swayed down the runway. Some of my favorites evoked thoughts of Marilyn Monroe, such as the striped, longer length halter dress; or young Brigitte Bardot, like the short sleeved, v-neck dress, also in stripes. Evocative, yes - but with a hip, updated flair.

A dance inspired piece from Sol Sis

Every one of Sol Sis designer Stephanie Engel's pieces that flowed down the runway moved like undulating art; each a wearable manifestation of her life as a dancer, sculpture and designer.

Ooh La La... another sexy dress from Sol Sis

Each fashion show that day made me see how every one of these designers had one thing in common: the ability to take their interests and passions and create new and exciting styles.

As the event came to an end, nobody actually dropped at 'Shop 'Til You Drop,' but many people left pleased. What serious shopper wouldn't be happy after a day of pampering and perusing exciting new fashions from the booths and runways of such thrilling new designers?

For future 'Shop 'Til You Drop' events go to .

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All photos by Michele Miles Gardiner

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