Directives West Presents LA Over Easy Fall 2007

Paris Hilton and Sandy Richman

When I heard the title for Directives West Fall 2007 fashion show 'L.A. Over Easy,' I couldn't help but to think of breakfast.  Hey, the only thing that I like over easy is my egg, so was I going to be served up a heaping of slightly undercooked fashions? If Sandy Richman had anything to do with it, I think not.  Before the kitchen gets too hot, let's take a step back to see how the preparation for all this deliciousness began and who the head cooks are when it comes to tantalizing fashions for the L.A. market.

Thigh-high leggings and short shorts will be a hit for the fall (l) and so will trousers and layering (r)

Directives West, a premiere Retail Consulting Firm that has been in business for 25 years, has managed to stay five steps ahead of trends for all major areas of apparel and accessories for contemporary, junior, young men and kids.  With one hand on the retail side and the other hand on the manufacturing side, Directives West manages to form a unity grip in a world that can be very much segregated. 

Baby doll inspired looks

When retailers want to know what to buy for their customers and manufacturers want to know what to target to their retailers, they turn to the one company that can navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of fashion, style and pop-culture.  'I like to keep up on the area's [Los Angeles] key players, pop cultural influences, the art and music scene, the very way of life' ' states Richman in an article she was featured in for Fashion West.  It is this very idea that seems to bring us to the Fall 2007 shows L.A. Over Easy and L.A. Blueprint.

Layers and leggings will be all the rage

The doors opened early at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles.  The 9:00 a.m. start time for the show had everyone eager to seek out the complimentary lattes and cappuccinos as they waited to see the hottest designs from designers such as Blue & Beyond, House of Dereon, RocaWear, Androgyny and Baby Phat.  However, the piece de resistance was the launch of the Paris Hilton sportswear collection with the heiress herself introducing the line and walking the catwalk. Another surprise was that young catwalk divas seemed to still the show as they showed off what's going to be hip for 'Back to School' style. 

Back to school looks consisted of jeans and knits

You are never too young to make a fashion statement

So, just what are the trends? Layers, Vintage Jackets, Baby Doll Dresses and Jumpers, Animal Prints, High Necks and Bow Ties, Metallics, Color and Knits.  Whether you have a schoolgirl or are a schoolgirl at heart, the trend for Fall 2007 is all about your own personal definition of trends from the past seasons.  First on the list, knits!  Not just your grandmother's sweater, knits are making a bold fashion statement in leggings, hats and oversized sweaters.  The look that I liked the most was knit leggings paired under shorts or a mini and topped off with a pageboy hat. Colorful knit dresses were all the rage for the girl's line, as well.  Paired with leggings, jeans or scarves this look is sure to make a statement on schoolyards across L.A. and beyond.

Colorful knit leggings paired with a knit dress, scarf and cap (l)

Color, shimmer and metallic seemed to be a staple in the Paris Hilton collection.  And what about those skinny pants that most of us dread?  Well, they are still around and are hotter than ever for Fall.  Baby doll inspired ensembles seemed to take a grown-up twist when done strapless and let's not forget the signature skinny strap dress with a triangle cut bust line. The top of these dresses seems to be inspired by the triangle top bikini, but the bottoms are anything but.  Paris has been synonymous for touting this style of dresses about town, so I wasn't surprised to see a rendition show up in her line.  Hilton capped off the show when she made her way down the runway in skin-tight pearl metallic pants and a shimmer gold top.  Now that was hot!

Color and trademark cuts were a running theme in the Paris Hilton collection

Paris Hilton strikes a pose in one of her signature pieces (l), washed out jeans and designer tees won't go anywhere for the Fall (r)

Upon the close of the shows, I had the opportunity to speak with Lynn Miller, VP of Misses for Directives West.  Miller stated that she was very pleased with the outcome. 'Minus a few hiccups, I feel that the show went as well as we all expected,' and I would have to agree.  The venue was packed and seats were short to come by, but that didn't take away from gaining an insight on the trends for Fall 2007. 

Cut minis and rock out jeans

**For additional information on Directives West and any of the trends you read about for Fall 2007, please log onto

**A special thanks goes out to Mannfolk Public Relations for bringing us all together for this event!




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