Design Studio Opening

It's a bright, sunny, Friday afternoon, and it's about 5:15pm when we finally approach the deserted looking building of 819 Santee Ave. We walk in and are pleasantly surprised to be greeted by lobby security, who assures us we have come to the right place. '8th Floor', he says, as the elevator door opens. Once we've reached the 8th floor, we exit the elevator and walk down the hallway, counting the numbers, looking for suite 804.

Edgy Looks

Bright colors catch my glance, and I know it before I even see the number. I can hardly contain my excitement now, and it's all I can do to keep myself from breaking into a run. I reach the door first, open it, and my senses go wild. I am in the midst of a sea of colors and fabrics, displayed on racks bursting with unique styles and cuts. For an instant, I almost forget why I'm here, that is until I see him.

Custom Bikinis

Miguel Torres. An energetic, witty, sassy designer that'll treat you like his best friend, even if you've only just met him. He is a huge sweetheart and a savvy business man all rolled into one. The kind of person that loves to make people laugh and will always put a smile on your face. When our eyes meet, his face lights up, and he calls to me in his affectionate sing-song tone, beckoning for me to come give him a hug.

"Miguel Torres could make stripes and plaids look fabulous together"

He shows us around his new design studio a bit, and tells us that everyone should be arriving in the next 30 minutes. We are there to celebrate the opening of Miguel's new design studio. We talk a few more minutes and then he tells us to help ourselves to some food and refreshments as we browse the shop. When he lets us loose, we are like kids in a candy store, running around, wanting to try on everything. In a matter of minutes, we have an entire rack (between the two of us), set aside to buy.

Asian Styles

Thank goodness we arrived early, because within minutes, people are flooding in. Everyone from retail buyers to models to television crews to Miguel's family. (Miguel is of Mexican descent and is very close to his family, his mother even flew out from Mexico for the opening.) For the next three hours, I can hardly get in three words to Miguel, as he's being swarmed by media and frantic store buyers trying to place orders.

Custom Kids Wear

As we mingle around the party, all people manage to say about Miguel are good things. It's so rare to find successful people that are still down to earth (especially in Los Angeles), and without big egos.  Miguel Torres' designs and style are so refreshing. In Los Angeles and New York, fashion apparel is so trend driven that most designers seem to loose their personal taste, and just produce what's 'in'. When you shop the trendy streets of LA (i.e. Robertson, Montana, Ventura, Melrose, Rodeo, Sunset etc.), it's often disappointing because, most of the stores just carry the same old shit. If you walk in one store on a street, it's as if you've walked into every store.

Free-flowing fabrics

There are few exceptions to the trend craze, and it's hard to find things that are different. Miguel Torres is one of those exceptions. As model, Roni Williams said, 'Miguel's clothing is so different and interesting, that when you wear it people really look at you. Both men and women can't help but stare and admire.'

Miguel Torres' clothing is sold in 37 stores in the US, Japan, Italy, and Mexico. His clothing has been featured in movies, television programs, and books. He currently manufactures swimwear, active wear, plus size, purses, hats, and some children's clothing; he may also be venturing into the lucrative pet wear industry soon. All of his pieces are one-of a-kind and made by Miguel Torres himself. To arrange an appointment to personally shop the studio, you can contact Miguel Torres at (213) 891-1263. You may also visit his website at   

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