Bat's Daughter

Bat's Daughter at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2005

Before even reading what Angela Batinovich, designer of Bat's Daughter, listed as her inspirations for this collection, it was very apparent.  The looks were very elegant and reminiscent of old Hollywood, and stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly.  In the program from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, she listed her inspirations as, "the silver screen splendor.  Grace Kelly's sweet-faced elegance.  Rita Hayworth's charming shades of attire.  Veronica Lake's illuminating exuberance.  Marilyn Monroe's halter fascination."  The pieces were elegant and refined, but still sexy and feminine at the same time. 





A large number of the models wore 1940's inspired hats on top of precisely curled hair.  The makeup was elegant and timeless, with matte red lips dominating.  The models also wore a large amount of rhinestone jewelry, which added to the elegant feel.  The collection as a whole was not overly trendy, yet it was still very much in step with current fashion.  You got the impression that many of the pieces would be worthwhile investments that will hang in your closet for some time.  Many of the colors were soft, glimmering pastels.  Many of the pieces were beaded or had pearl accents.  The fabrics were rich and luminous silks and chiffons.

Many of the outfits were fitted, feminine suits with pencil skirts.  These came in shades of lavender and other pastels, often in silk brocades.  Many of the suit jackets had wide, deep open necklines, exposing a bit of the chest, and leaving no need to complicate the look with anything underneath.  A few of the jackets were closed with a large rhinestone broach as opposed to using buttons.  Instead of a skirt with a few of the suits, very short shorts were used instead.  This gave a modern, sexy update to the classic suit.

In addition to the suits, there were a number of feminine separates and dresses as well.   There were pastel chiffon halter dresses, with ruffles and floral prints.  There were a number of tops with details such as ruffles and pin-tucking to create feminine shape and movement.  Tie-neck floral chiffon blouses were also notable, however, instead of this season's trend with the tie down the middle, these usually tied on the side of the neck.  There were also sweaters with bows at the shoulder and to the side of the neckline.  A few tops also looked inspired by the 1920s with a drop waist, and a sash that ties at the side of the waist.

Other than the number of short shorts, the hemlines for the skirts and dresses were more modest.  A number of the skirts went just past the knee, creating a more feminine and elegant look than the oversaturated miniskirt trend we have seen in the past few seasons.  A number of the skirts were full and inspired by 1950s circle skirts.  Others were longer and flowing. 

One of the standout pieces was definitely a Marilyn Monroe inspired dress, which was shown at the end of the collection.  Although not a halter exactly, it was a white flowing dress with a full skirt and fitted waist.  It had spaghetti straps that made an X in the back.  The dress had shirring in the top to create a perfect hourglass figure.  The part that made the dress standout particularly was the rhinestone detail at the waist.  There were lines of rhinestones making intersecting patterns of X's throughout the waist area.  This did an amazing job of highlighting the figure.

Overall, this was a fabulously feminine collection, sure to please a large number of shoppers.  The clothes were pretty and wearable, and the fabrics were luxurious.  The colors and cuts were flattering and definitely evoked an overall feeling of springtime, without an over the top use of florals commonly seen in spring.


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