Annatarian Summer 2006 Collection

Saturday, June 3rd - Lovers of fashion and ecology gathered in order to catch a glimpse of Annatarian's eco-friendly couture fashion show held at the lovely Trellis Flower Shop in Brentwood, Ca.

For summer 2006, Annatarian transforms environmentally-conscience fashionistas into whimsical woodland nymphs. The collection was a parade of five styles of dresses, all of which are whimsically named for the lighthearted theme of the clothing: Magical Forest, Castle, Urban Goddess, Paris, and Sprite. Each dress was constructed from recycled materials like remnant chiffon and satin, vintage silk, recycled tank tops, vintage 60's muu-muus, and vintage shawls. "I use what other people would see as waste," says Annatarian designer, Anna Mkhitarian, of her dresses.

Annatarian's mission is to unite the global community through fashion. The one-of-a-kind, eco-couture and eco-wedding dresses serve as an example of a perfect world, where different colors, textures, cultures, and patterns blissfully intertwine to create one beautiful product. Annatarian utilizes what would be wasted fabrics, creating beautiful dresses from vintage kimonos, recycled clothing, and any other eco-fabric that inspires her. Her dresses are "one of a kind because you are!"

Trellis Flower Shop was the perfect location to debut Annatarian's summer collection. Anna's love and respect for nature is clearly reflected in every aspect of her clothing line from manufacturing (she only uses recycled materials as to avoid contributing to the textile industry) to fashion show production where nature had just as large a role as the dresses! "The textile industry is the second largest producer of pollutants in the world" Anna explains. "I wanted to figure out a way to start my own line without contributing to the production of pollutants" Anna says as her eyes happily scanned the smiling faces of her guests specked about the patio.

In addition to the fairy tale dresses, the sweet summer sun, soft ocean breeze, and endless foliage were the guest stars of the show! A wide array of flowers, trees, shrubs, potting tools, and anything you would expect to find in a flower shop all became part of the event's aesthetic. Her passion for the environment clearly mirrors her passion for fashion!

The DJ played relaxed, reggae beats while the audience sipped peach infused tea, nibbled on fresh tropical fruit, and lounged underneath a canopy of palm trees. Tall, round tables draped with purple cloth were situated throughout the patio. Ice cubes in antique metal bowls served not only as center pieces, but offered a cool respite from the California sun. A stone wall that bordered a small hillock of ivy was lined with satin seat cushions so that it could double as a bench for guests. Dark green patio chairs lined the cobblestone path covered with meticulously raked sand that served as a runway.
Models strolled casually down the sand-covered catwalk as if they were taking an afternoon walk on the beach.  Lace and satin, both vintage of course, flawlessly flowed in the soft breeze and ever so slightly hugged the model's body creating a classic silhouette. Most of the dresses were about knee-length, making them fun and fresh for the summer heat. However, a few in the collection reached the ankles and trailed into a slight train. These dresses were elegant, beautiful, and red carpet ready all the while maintaining a simple and effortless look.

Annatarian offers five styles of dresses, all of which are whimsically named for the lighthearted theme of the clothing: Magical Forest, Castle, Urban Goddess, Paris, and Sprite. Anna believes in the salvation of the environment in addition to the individuality and unique creative energies of all women. Therefore, her clients customize and create their own dress one-on-one with Anna herself. After choosing one of her five staple styles, you choose your variety of colors and fabrics. Next, you decide your arrangements, which in Anna defines as choosing the fabrics' location on the dress: exterior lining, straps, bust, back, and trims. You can also choose the amount of layers and fullness, and your preference of length and hems. Additional features available to clients include sleeves, hand-dyeing and painting, embellishments with vintage jewelry, and matching shawls. Annatarian has two ways of working with you directly and through events at stores, homes, and other hip locations around the world.

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