30th Annual Otis Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show - Michael Wicks: "Thank You For Opening Hearts and Your Pocketbooks"

Beverly Hilton is host to the most venerable award shows and ceremonies in fashion as the 30thAnnual Otis Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show was held Saturday, May 7th, 2012 from 6:30 until half past 10pm. In magnificent transformation, Hilton’s International Ballroom was comprehensively altered to a multi-tiered assembly with three-point blue hue ground glowing catwalk in quadruple film screened backdrop. 2012 featured over one hundred seventy-five intricate ensembles gracing frames of seventy models in a complex maze of talent solidifying now senior and graduating designers as future names of reverence to be held in the industry.


Preceded by silent auction and cocktails, obtainable art integrated custom couture pieces with inclusive illustration boards as well as inkjets, canvas, photography, and sculpture by students; ranging from $50 to $450 in initial request. Additional donations by Neiman Marcus and an Ozzy Ozborne signatured guitar supplemented the scholarship financing frenzy for Otis College of Art and Design, which permeates 86% of entering bare artistic pockets.


Video introduction and speeches by Shelly Reid of MGM Studios (2012 Otis Scholarship Benefit Event Chair), Tom Miller, Board of Trustees Executive Chairman, and Samuel Hol, President of Otis College, spilt over the regular swill of information to the sound of supportive applause as tangible 2012 goals were exceeded; audience contributors amongst the majority raising approximately $1.1 million (grand totaling efforts at $25,000,000 over 30 years).


Christopher Wicks, designer and founder of English Laundry is honored with the 2012 Creative Vision Award, stating in his exclusive video montage, “It is the finest accolade I have ever had.” Standing ovation upon acceptance; British humility quickly sharpened to gracious wit as Wicks stated, “Thank you for opening your hearts and opening your pocketbooks.”

Eleven separate projects filtered onto runway with chosen recognition of best design in each assessment of consummated assignment. Bleu Rod Beattie attributed bright floral inspiration in neon pastels to infiltrate design intention, resulting in a Tang hued shred wrap in jaw dropping persuasion whilst Amelia Harvest was named virtuoso by Beattie as author of a Roman cover up.

Amanda Gneilling, Head Designer at Anthropologie, challenged design maestros to create 50 and 60’s Palm Spring Inspired RTW; [positively] consequential results equate to must haves for Spring/Summer 2013. In retro mod geometrical prints and yellow cream cover ups with front slouch pockets and a babydoll dress with silver accent piping, a Donna Dress number with accentuating reversible jacket by Miera Seth took home top design title, though by no means was competition without ferocious talent.

Todd Oldham projects went reconstructive with an environmentally cognizant Winter wardrobe in appealing kitschy cademium orange, aureolin, and adroid greens; overwhelmed by texture and copious fabrication.

Head designers from Nike dared fashion futurists to create 2012 U.S. Olympic Team uniforms, turning out a runway popping in spandex steels, maroons, and cobalts. The dominating noteworthy selection a two piece swimsuit athletes will not mind hitting the beach in, let alone as participants the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Mentorships invited Michael Maccari of Armani Exchange to bid young designers in updating modern sportswear classics, singling out Annie Mong as a contemporary Ready To Wear designer of tomorrow.


Second year inveterate Cirque Du Soleil finale was by far the illumination of the most exclusively brilliant of all designs. Incorporating sponsoring Swarovski CrystalsDominque Lemieux mentorees visually ingrained guests with a singular fact of explosive design scholastic aptitude to an exemplarity audience of whom presenting collaborators and mentors Bob MackieChristopher WicksDavid MeisterMichael Maccari of Armani ExchangeLiliana Casabal of Morgane Le FayAme Austin Max of MaxStudio, costume designer Dominique Lemieux of Cirque du Soleil, and organic fashion pioneer Karen Stewart of Stewart + Brown were part.


Melanie Nguyen was bequeathed with coveted Student Designer of the Year award, dusting off ten years of shelf life since previous recipient.

Guests were invited for a three course meal in addition to a complimentary gift tote with approximately $800 worth of merchandise from Mattel, Blick, CommerceWest Bank, Santa Monica Place Mall, and John Frieda. Table tops were adorned with $150 gift certificates for cosmetic surgery and Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde Perfume.


Sponsors include Gucci, Hermes, Sothebys, Neiman Marcus, Blick, Swarovski, CommerceWest Bank amongst numerous others.


Photography By Lee Salem.

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