Voom Fall 2007 By Joy Han

Plaid Jumper and Black Vinyl Quilted Jumper

Joy Han must be the younger,  happy-go-lucky sister of designer Sue Wong because her collection was simpler and easier to relate to, therefore easy to buy and wear.  Her collection may be inspired by the mod Sixties but she tosses in some Victorian tailoring techniques, with an unlikely mix resulting in a sporty look.

Pinstripe High-Waisted and Olive Green Vinyl Quilted Jumper

The prime example was the quilted coat which reappeared as a quilted babydoll then as quilted bib-front, overall jumper dress. These key pieces can be summed up with the word, 'cute.' Voom was girly but sporty,  retro yet futuristic which pretty much sums up her collection.  If Mary Quant was Sue's mid-Sixties muse then Jane Fonda's Barbarella and Twiggy were Joy's.  Both began their shows with an adorable brilliantly, colored, plaid babydoll jumper.  Joy pushed the babydoll and an oversized prairie blouse in cream silk, worn as sack dresses, into the twentieth-first century by reinterpreting the jumper in  techno, shiny quilt.  Then, she repeated it in a leaf babydoll, olive-green quilted bib-front overall jumper dress.  The quilting was very unique and innovative to Joy Han, making her collection a stand-out.

Pinstripe Jump and Capelet

There were hints of strategic bands forming a cone bra shape around the bust for shock value, Barbarella style, but another retro stand-out was her reinterpretation of the Eighties' navy pinstripe wool.  Like most designers, especially young designers, she was reaching twenty years ago for inspiration.  Revisiting the Eighties, she took a traditionally male fabric and constructed it into very girly outfits and pieces.  The navy pinstripe wool was used, thankfully, sparingly. It was treated more like an accent.  It was used as a babydoll dress, a ruffle neck piece, and a capelet then back again to the obvious Eighties' high-waisted trousers.  She also brought back another long-forgotten trend unique to herself: metallic lame' from it's hey day in the disco Seventies and it's brief spell in the mid-Eighties.  In-between the quilting and the pinstripe, Joy paired two obscure Seventies fashion references for a pleasant result, the early Seventies' prairie blouse with mutton sleeves in late Seventies' disco silver lame'.    

Again, it was refreshing watching Joy use unusual sewing techniques, such as quilting, and reviving lame' and pinstripe wool to otherwise predictable garments.  Joy's Fall Collection was refreshingly and harmlessly quirky.  These are fun clothes without being shockingly rude, no literal repeat of historical fashion nor do they take themselves too seriously.

Cream Satin Prairie Blouse

The gamine ingenues, with their bowl haircuts, over-sized heads, and slight physiques, were the perfect paper dolls to model Joy's overall sweet and simple garments.  Out of the five shows on Opening Day, her show was the most commercially approachable.  In that, the silhouettes are easily understood and relatable, yet the overall surface texture of quilting and the bright, joyous colors in plaid makes them refreshing to the Consumer.  On this day, Joy best represents Los Angeles/Southern Californian fashion in a bright, sunny light.  They are cute, quirky, carefree, and unpretentious outfits that can be easily worn by the girl-next-door from Hollywood, California to Hollywood, Florida without offending mom.  Voom is a natural fashion extension of Joy Han's personality, expressing herself and her lifestyle without taking herself too seriously.

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