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Tammy Trenta

Tammy Trenta, recently a contestant on Donald Trump's 'Apprentice 5,' founded and created a company, Theresa Kathryn, Inc., which designs luxurious lap top bags and business cases for women.  Trenta is a successful female in the business world, and recognized the importance of creating a bag line which combines style with functionality.  She's a frequent business traveler, and knows first hand what the perfect bag would be for working females. Trenta decided to create 'an everything bag -- a bag that keeps you organized, but looks like a purse.'

Ellen snow, Melania black

Trenta kept in mind that women usually keep and use their bags for a couple of years, so she wanted her tasteful, yet durable bags to be made with finer materials. The bags are made of top quality leather with a luxurious satin brocade lining.  The prices of the bags are comparable to the prices of the designer bags at Coach.

Audrey black, Ellen black

There are many convenient business features such as a padded laptop section and power cord pouch, and a PDA/cell phone pocket and business card holder. She really had all that a business woman needs in mind when she added a key hook, sunglass holder, and a magazine pocket with converts into a zippered leather panel that slides conveniently over your luggage handle!  Optional accessories include signature silk scarves and beautiful brass key chains.  It's obvious that she truly had a working female in mind when she created this perfect business bag.

Sean, Tammy, Allie, Theresa, Charmaine

Trenta said, 'Women want a bag that compliments their wardrobe, but doesn't compete with it.'  The outside colors are simple, yet classic: black, cognac, or snow. However, the inside colors are very bold, with options such as lime green, pink, and teal. She said to, 'think La Perla lingerie under your Chanel business suit.'

Ellen cognac, Sienna snow

The themes of the bags are based off of women in Hollywood.  They come in six different styles: Angelina, Audrey, Ellen, Madge, Melania and Sienna.  Trenta wanted to name the bags after females who exemplify a certain kind of style.  She said the bags define who you are. The Angelina is worn to exemplify strength, professionalism, and vision.  The woman who delights in expressing her sense of classic style and grace particularly in the workplace carries the Audrey. The Sienna is for a woman who is an artist, writer or creative professional.  Trenta said, 'If you wear jeans, you can wear the slouchy purse.  If you work for a Fortune 500 company, you would probably need a more structured bag.'

Madge black, Madge snow

The company's slogan is, 'Be smart.  Be successful.  Be spectacular.' This is very empowering to female customers, which is important to Trenta.  'I think women have so much power. Being able to use all of their qualities makes them more powerful. You should tot be afraid of who you are, and own it.  Don't let others define who you should be.'  Trenta is a true inspiration to all females in America.

As a woman, she said she has always felt like she has had to prove herself in the business world.  Many people did not give her enough credit just because she was an attractive female.  Trenta said having self-confidence makes a woman successful in the business world.  She said to be able to walk into a room and have a presence is important.

The inspiration behind Theresa Kathryn, Inc. is her grandmother.  She was a businesswoman herself, who was also smart, confident, and ambitious.  Her bag line is about allowing women to express there sense of style and individuality in the working world like her grandmother who was an entrepreneur, wife, and mother.  She truly understood the importance of balance because was always put together and never forgot a birthday.  Trenta said she read Vogue, and had an 'impeccable sense of style.' Trenta wants women to feel powerful and proud in the business world, but to still feel feminine like Theresa Kathryn. 

Charmaine, Tammy, Theresa

'Everyone tells me how much I am like my grandmother,' Trenta said.  They both overcame difficult struggles in their lifetime to become successful.  Her grandmother had to leave school at 16, and sacrificed everything for her family.  Tammy Trenta's family was in real estate when she was growing up, and went bankrupt. She had to put herself through school with little to no direction from anyone.  Both are self made, successful females.

Tammy Trenta and Marla Maples

Trenta said her grandmother was 'an exemplary model of style and sophistication.'  She thinks women such as Kelly Rippa, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Bullock, Pamela Anderson and Angelina Jolie best fit this mold today.  She said these are women who use their celebrity status to make the world a better place because they really care.  She thinks a lot of the female socialites in Hollywood, who are the role models for younger women, haven't done enough to benefit women.

Trenta is doing all she can to make a positive difference.  She created the Theresa Kathryn Foundation which provides assistance to various public charities and organizations helping women's causes as well as individuals seeking support. The Theresa Kathryn Foundation recently raised around 20,000 dollars for the Casey Cares Foundation, which is an organization supporting terminally ill children.  Every time you purchase a bag from Theresa Kathryn a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the Theresa Kathryn Foundation. 

This foundation is imperative to her because she said it's important for people who have made it or have become successful to better society in whatever way possible. Tammy Trenta is quite an inspiration, not to mention an exemplary role model for all females in America.  Many people donate money at the end of their career, but Tammy said, 'I want to see results during my lifetime.'

To view the line of business bags, please visit the Theresa Kathryn website by clicking here

For more information about the Theresa Kathryn Foundation, please click here.

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