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I was at a fashion show party in Hollywood and met Sheila Dardashti. I asked what she did and was introduced to her magnificent line of hand-beaded bags. I thought I would share this find with my readers. So here is her information:

The new "must have" bag in Hollywood this season is the Treesje handbag from designers Laura Osborne and Sheila Dardashti.  Treesje handbags are one-of-a-kind creations made of vibrant fabrics adorned with intricate hand beading and unique wooden handles. Treesje's mission is to capture experience, femininity and originality in each piece created.  Laura and Sheila have created more than just handbags; they have created pieces of art for the arm. 

The handbags have captured Hollywood's imagination attracting celebrity fans such as Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Connelly, Katie Holmes and Brittany Murphy.


Treesje was founded during a trip around the world where the girls found inspiration from their exposure to unique art, languages, and culture. "Traveling exposed us to so many fascinating cultures, traditions, and ways of living," says Laura.  "We wanted our designs to portray exactly that," Sheila continues, "to reveal the unique experiences that inspired us."

Designers Laura Osborne and Sheila Dardashti met in college at the University of San Diego while studying business and fine arts, respectively. Laura went on to get her master's degree in business and marketing, while Sheila began her career in the fashion industry.  By combining their backgrounds in strategy and design, Treesje was found.


Treesje handbags can be found at the finest boutiques including Let's go in La Jolla, California; M Collection in Carlsbad, California; Sydney Michelle in Balboa Island, California; Hey Kookla in Santa Monica, California; Polkadots and Moonbeams in Los Angeles, California; Jacklin Jarrot in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Los Angeles, California; Pearl Wonderful Clothing in Larkspur, California; Sorella in San Diego, California; Sandbox in Greenbae, Georgia; Suttons in Tucson, Arizona; and, The Islander in Venice, Florida. Later in the year, the bags will be available at select boutiques in New York and at

For more information about Treejse visit
<> or by calling (310) 927-4421.

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