Tart Spring 2008 Collection - Hot Designs Leaves a Blazing Trail

Tart owners, Jamie and Dana Finegold with designer Rebecca Rich (middle)

When I first had the opportunity to familiarize myself with Tart Collections, I was mesmerized by the way their designs took in to account every aspect of the female body in all its forms.  The companies trademark usage of micro-Modal jersey for their contemporary women’s line has set the standard in fashion and although often imitated, is never duplicated.  Known for sexiness, class and understated glamour, Tart Collections leaves everyone from A-list celebrities to blue-collar workers with glazed over eyes and drooling mouths with one glance of a signature design.  After attending the Spring 2008 collection showing, all I can say is get ready for the heat because Tart is piping hot and anyone lucky enough to wear this collection is bound to leave a fierce blazing trail behind them.

Short dresses showing the color and patterns for Spring 2008

Bold color and Bohemian flare

For the Spring, the design team took a leap out from its usual design sense comprised of many baby doll inspired tops and flowing dresses and really amp’d up their classic looks.  Form fitting silhouettes, strapless sheaths paired with bohemian style head wraps and short shorts in luxurious silk charmeuse were punctuated with a high voltage of color and tranquilizing patterns.  Owners Jamie and Dana Finegold teamed up with talented designer Rebecca Rich for the Spring 2008 collection launch. I had the chance to catch up with Rebecca backstage before the show.  Here is what she had to say:

Long Bohemian styles are going to be hot for Spring

Takeisha Rayson: Tell our reader’s a little bit about your design background and how you linked up with Tart.

Rebecca Rich: Well, I started designing about 10 years ago and mostly designed with contemporary labels.  I had my own label for about 6 years before I deciding to join forces with Tart last spring.

Takeisha Rayson: What is the most exciting element about working with Tart Collections?

Rebecca Rich: Being able to push the envelope to make the sexiest dresses we can make is exciting for me.  With Tart we aspire and achieved the looks of being elegant and sophisticated, yet wearable. 

Takeisha Rayson: What do you pull from when you are looking to design a new collection?

Rebecca Rich: I pull from a lot of places besides what I think is going to be the next big trend.  I pull from nature and things that I see that are visually appealing around me.

Takeisha Rayson: What can we look for in the Spring 2008 collection?

Rebecca Rich: Lots of different colors and very sexy silhouettes.  You will see shorts on the runway this season.  Shorts are new for us.

A new take on the wrap dress

Easy, breezy...

Shorts!?!? Did the tiny blonde designer just tell me that shorts were about to hit the runway in all their Tart-esque fabulousness! Somebody start the show and start the show now!  And just so that I could make sure I didn’t hear things wrong and get too excited too quickly, Jamie and Dana Finegold reiterated the design phenomenon for the season.  “Tart is doing shorts this season,” says Jamie Finegold.  “The cool thing about the Tart short is that it is sophisticated because they are done in a silk charmeuse and you can decide if you want to were them short or a bit longer.” And why is the team able to give consumer this option in one pair of shorts?  Well, the creative minds of the design team have implemented a cuffing and clasp effect that is not only cute and distinct, but is functional for any fashion lover’s wardrobe. 

Short shorts in silk Charmeuse were on point

As one of the most anticipated shows during fashion week, Tart always pulls in uber-enthused celebs.  As a scanned the crowded tent just before the show started, I was able to spot out Megan Fox from the summer blockbuster hit Transformers, Dancing with the Stars alum Stacy Kibler and Dancing with the Stars professional, Cheryl Burke.  I could feel my heart racing as the lights went up on the runway and the music started.  Each model began to saunter out in body hugging dresses, boldly exposing colors of sea foam, periwinkle, toasted almond and garnet red.  Models in creamy whites and bandeau tops speckled the runway of color transcending the audience into what seemed to be a luxurious island feel to the line.   

Jamie Finegold and Stacey Kibler backstage (l). Megan Fox excited about the show (r)

When the look of the navy silk charmeuse shorts with side ties came out I could hear a low murmur of excitement across the audience.  Then came the chocolate silk charmuese knee length shorts and the grey silk charmeuse short shorts.  Well, we all know whom to call on for the sophisticated look of shorts next season, right?  And that’s not all.  Tart always knows how to make parts of your body that are not even really meant to be sexy, look sexy.  For example they played up the neck and the back with lightweight turtleneck dresses gracing center back slits for a peek of skin to show through.

Short shorts in navy with side detailing

The show was a hit! And another person who thought so was Law and Order: SVU actress Liza Lapira.  Lapira currently has a movie getting ready to hit the screen called 21 starring Kevin Spacey and Lawrence Fishburn.  She admits that she is working on her stylistic flair, but is getting amazing advise from stylists and friends.  Loving looks that are sexy and fun, yet functional, it is no wonder why she is one of the fans of Tart Collection.

Dancing with the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke (l). Actress Liza Lapira (r)

Midriff baring tops, head wraps and short dresses will be the theme for spring

Besides great designs, form flattering fits and celebrity appeal, Tart is the embodiment of what happens when you love what you do and put your heart into it.  Jamie and Dana Finegold are true gems in the world of fashion and that’s hard to find.  When you become a Tart Collections connoisseur, you become a part of a family and growing tradition of style.  Check out the collection at fine retail stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. If you can't find  Tart at a store near you, request it by-golly!  Your wardrobe depends on it! 

Additionally, you can visit the Website at www.tartcollections.com.

Cute dresses in fabulous prints

Long and flowy or short and midriff baring, you choose

Go really short or knee length with a cute top

Bold color, fantastic prints

You're never too young to appreciate hot fashion

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