Swapsets by Steffi Thomas

Every 21st century woman knows two things about headsets and headphones.  In today's world, at work or at play, you simply can't survive without them. And, nobody absolutely nobody looks good wearing them!

Swapset Headband in Floral

Designed by a style-challenged, male-dominated electronics industry, headsets are nothing short of a crime against fashion.  Some feature bulbous headphones or uncomfortable earbuds that pop out at the most inconvenient times.  Others are built with microphones that jut so far from your mouth, it's almost impossible to have a discrete conversation. And still others have microphones that dangle around your collar, picking up irritating background noise.  Personal style and fashion are never a consideration. 


For far too long, the American woman has been forced to choose between "geekwear" that makes her look like a starship commander, or "no-frills" models that make her look as if she's working the drive-up window at a fast-food restaurant.

Swapset Headphone

But the nightmare is over as of right now.

The solution: a customized Steffi Thomas Swapset, a revolution in wearable technology, that, for the first time, introduces a convenient, interchangeable system of high-style hairbands and lifestyle-oriented headsets and headphones created especially for a woman's ear.  Designed by a woman for women, they transform a high tech challenge into a valuable fashion accessory. Best of all, they are as comfortable, effective and versatile as they are beautiful -- freeing women to express themselves according to their needs, their desires and moods.


The Swapsets System
Steffi Thomas Swapsets offer a new way to think about headsets and headphones.  Instead of myopically focusing on the technology, Swapsets begin with a selection of 30 exclusive styles in a range of fabrics (including wool, cotton, silk, and cotton-stretch blends) and a variety of seasonal patterns (including houndstooth, herringbones, paisleys, etc).  Steffi Thomas headbands, which can also be worn on their own, are designed for fashion as well as function. Because the technology matters too, Steffi has designed interchangeable, state-of-the-art, color-coordinated headsets and headphones (12 designs in all) that connect to the headbands through a special button clasp. And the true fashionista can add a set of exclusive Steffi Thomas dangles (jewelry accents) to jazz up the ensemble.

Swapset Headband in Paisley

All of this is just the beginning.  Additional headbands, headphones and dangles can be purchased online at swapsets.com.  Women can mix and match to create literally thousands of combinations.  There's a unique look for any personality and every occasion.  Gone is the discomfort of earbuds that have to be literally shoved into the ear, only to pop-out at regular, annoying intervals.  Steffi Thomas earphones are designed to rest softly-but-firmly on top of the ear.  They never pop out and can be adjusted to sit in the precise location that best suits the wearer.  And because they are flexible, there's no reason to remove them when not in use.


Need to confer with a friend or co-worker while on the phone? No problem.  Just bend the microphone or earphone out of the way and bend it back again when you're ready to resume your phone conversation.  Plus, there's never a fear that they'll fall to the ground or mess up a look when you try to take them out in a hurry.

Swapset Heaset

Steffi Thomas Swapsets are the brainchild of Stephanie Card, a brilliant New York attorney who has received numerous awards for her work on behalf of victims of domestic violence.  Stephanie is also a mother of two and a business partner to her husband, world-famous fashion photographer Thomas Card.


The Swapsets Inspiration
"It all started after I had my first child," she says. "Suddenly, it seemed as if I was always on the phone either for business or about my baby.  I found myself constantly pulled in different directions.  One moment, I'd be teleconferencing about work, the next pouring a bowl Cheerios for my daughter, the next, driving down the freeway.  I must have tried, seriously, at least half-a-dozen different headsets. All of them worked poorly: either the sound was bad, they picked up too much background noise, they were uncomfortable or they wouldn't stay in my ears. And all of them looked absolutely terrible! What's more, after taking them off, my hair was always a mess, so there was no way I could just finish a phone call and run into a business meeting."


Stephanie's epiphany occurred one day last year, while on her way to work. "I found myself driving next to a man in a luxury convertible. He was wearing an outrageous headset that looked like something straight off the set of Star Trek.  But he obviously loved it.  That's when I realized the problem.  Men are designing headsets for other men.  No one had even thought about designing them for women."

Swapset Headband in Polka Dots

With the invaluable collaboration of her husband (in addition to his photographic expertise, Thomas Card is skilled in an extraordinary range of visual and technical arts, including electronics), she created Steffi Thomas Swapsets.

The new line represents an extraordinary breakthrough in an industry, which, according to a recent Washington Post report, has long stumbled in its attempts to "take the geek out of gadgetry."  Americans currently spend $5 billion-a-year on headsets and other telephone-related accessories a figure that analysts expect to increase by 10-to-15 percent annually for the foreseeable future.
Steffi Thomas Swapset elements can be purchased as part of a convenient set in a smart travel bag, or each Swapset item can be obtained separately:

Swapset Dangles

 Headband ($25.00-$30.00)
 Headphones ($34.00)
 Headset ($30.00)
 Dangles ($8.00-$12.00).

The Steffi Thomas Headset Package is available for $60.00 and includes a Headset, a Headband,  a Dangle and a carrying pouch for the Headset and Dangle, all packaged in a travel case.
The Steffi Thomas Headphone Package is available for $64.00 and includes Headphones, a Headband, a Dangle and a carrying pouch for your Headphones, all packaged in a travel case.


The Steffi Thomas Combination Pack sells for $95.00 and includes both a Headset and Headphones, a Headband, two Dangles, and two carrying pouches, all packaged in a travel case.

Steffi Thomas Swapsets are available at http://www.swapsets.com, or consumers can call toll-free: (888) 850-SWAP (7927) to order.

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