Samora Fall 2005

With the feel of vintage elegance with a twist of modern style Samora's fall line flowed down the runway.  Samora says of her fall line, "This collection is an escape into a fantasy for the modern women; it puts her in the mood to feel like a Hollywood starlet, dressed in luxurious fabrics and glamorous styles."

With her use of an array of divine fabrics from rich velvets to sexy lace Samora's line blends contemporary styling with modern flair.  It delivers a variety of styles from the   Black lace short-sleeved shirt jacket with black and white python print pockets which carries the look of a modern business woman with an elegant yet sexy edge.  To the Nude silk and lace sleeveless v-neck gown with lace bustle, which holds the vintage look of the roaring twenties but with a diving neckline that adds a flair of sex while still remaining classy. This dress is magnificently designed and easily the most elegant of the show. The model wore it beautifully and accentuated it nicely with the simple yellow flower in her hair. 

Samora's show was creatively styled and accessorized with a variety of hats, big brims, small brims, pill box, you name it her models wore them all, and wore them well. All combined with there outfits perfectly and placed a feeling of casual sophistication to the whole show. Along with the hats many models wore gloves to help further accessorize the line, white elbow silk gloves, black mesh hand gloves, and the best ones of all were a pair of bright red velvet finger gloves that spiced up a cool lavender and earth toned ensemble. 

The creative designs of the show were certainly the highlight.  Samora use of interesting fabrics and lines brought her whole line forward, and let it shine.  As seen in her Deconstructed black and white python print jacket with black lace collar and black and white python print pant with fold-over waist shows her creative combination of lace with solid fabrics that display a mature style with an alluring edge. And her shirred aqua velvet jacket with cream polka-dotted shawl collar and sleeves and aqua velvet skirt with shirred waist is beautifully done in luxurious aqua velvet accessorized with a fur ball collar and cuff and a ruched waist in both the jacket and the skirt.  The side tie just touches it off with a final piece of flair.

The single piece in the line that stands out was the Rose with black metallic ruched v-neck sweater, with its styled sleeves and alluring yet simple lines this sweater can easily be worn over an elegant evening gown or a casual pair of jeans.  It could easily be the accessory of the fall.


Other highlights were the Aqua gauze long-sleeve hooded capelet with tie over blue oval print sleeveless blouse with ruffled Edwardian collar and aqua gauze flared-leg paint with fold over waist. The entire outfit holds a look that is cool and comfortable. The light gauze pant would be ideal for a casual warm September night.  The fold over waist adds creative flair and when combined with the matching hoodie it looks to be the new jumpsuit for fall.  

Photos by Getty Images

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