Pamella Roland Spring 2007 Collection Review

September 11, 2006
New York City

With summer just narrowly closing in behind us and the nippy chill of winter right on our heels, everyone in the fashion world has already turned their clocks forward to spring, where the grass is greener.  In the Atelier of the tents in Bryant Park, designer Pamella DeVos, of Pamella Roland took us around the world for her Spring 2007 Collection.  There was nothing cold or frigid about the Galapagos Island inspired array of shirtdresses, tunics, linen coats, short jackets, full-leg pantsuits and yes, even a bikini. 

1. Teak Washed Belted Safari Jacket with Cutaway Front paired with a Floral Print Chiffon Skirt 2. Summer Tweed Coat with Sand Pleated Bandeau and Red Silk Jacquard Shorts

DeVos shows both ready-to-wear and eveningwear at her shows making for a fun cocktail of dressing from day to night.  A putty silk safari jacket with shorts and flamingo shantung dress with self tie worked into a sun plisse chiffon gown with beaded detail and a cloud taffeta gown with lace bodice. 

1. Silk Taffeta Trench with Chantilly Lace Trim 2. Sand Wool Belted Safari Dress

1. Flamingo & Sand Ombre Chiffon Gown 2. Cloud Taffeta Gown with Lace Bodice

For hair Paul Labrecque kept it all pulled straight back in a ponytail, with the occasional exception of full frontal bangs left out on some.  Makeup was very natural with subtle eyes and dim corals and pinks on the lips, courtesy of Makeup Forever. 

1. Cotton Gingham Wrap Shirtdress 2. Putty Silk Safari Jacket & Matching Shorts

I had a chance to chat with DeVos before the show to talk about her Spring 2007 Collection and outlook on fashion.

Andrea Stanley:  What colors and fabrics should we expect to see with this collection?

Pamella DeVos:  This collection was inspired by a trip our family took to the Galapagos Islands.  So, we did a lot of ocean fabrics with all the different colors of the ocean.  You can see the different blues.  We were on an island that was all flamingos, so we have our flamingo pink.  You will also see mixtures of what we call pebble and sand.  So you will definitely see the island inspiration, along with the island music. 

AS:  Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?

PD:  Yes I do (DeVos pointed out an ocean ombre print chiffon gown,) because of the colors of the ocean.  I also have a linen coat with embroidery that I love so much.  (DeVos pulled out a putty linen embroidery coat that opened the show.)  I actually had pillows made out of it for my bed I like it so much.  I really love everything.  This collection I really love.

AS:  What do you like about designing for the spring versus the fall?

PD:  There is more simplicity to spring.  There is the bareness of the skin and everything and there is more color.  It is just more cheerful.

AS:  What is one piece of fashion advice you could offer for the spring?

PD:  Make sure your clothes fit you.  All too often people wear clothes because it's the trend but if your body type doesn't fit it, don't just go for the trend.  Wear what looks good on you.

1. Teak Tiger Print Chiffon Gown with Beaded Neckline 2. Black Silk Chiffon Dress with Beaded Halter Neckline

This was my second season attending the Pamella Roland show and I am nothing short of addicted.  With forty four looks I will be hard-pressed to keep my choices to a bare minimum.  I have to keep in mind there is plenty more where that came from, so if I want to take any personal trips to the Galapagos, I had better choose wisely. 

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