Nicole Miller Fall 2007 Collection

Nicole Miller, known for her signature prints and ready-to-wear work attire, introduced her inspired ancient civilization theme that glazed across the runway during her fall 2007 show at fashion week.

Nicole Miller Fall '07

Exploring last season's Mayan cultured chic, we are taken to the riches of Peru with a color palette engulfed in natural brown earth-tones, soft caramel and rustic yellows adorned under charcoal and steel grey.

Nicole Miller Fall '07

The harmonious and warm tones gave way to the imaginary sun-drenched room as the New York winter chill covered the city. Remaining strong in theme this year, fashion is going straight to the hips with large, belted figures, hugging the contours of Miller's crisp, white shirts, tomboy trousers and swaying jackets. Her collections are paired with simple gold accessories interpreting the chic Bohemian woman, strong and pure, ruling the gods of land and sea. Complete with guilty pleasures, women of all shapes and sizes can indulge and carry over the look of high waist belts and pea-coats this season.

Nicole Miller Fall '07

The exquisite graphic swirls of black and white, silks, ruched skirts and dresses remained airy, yet feminine, dusted with pops of silver peaking their way into the spotlight. Dark ocean blue chiffon and coral remnants of the unspoken ancient world swirled their way up and down the catwalk as ballooned dresses and sleeves were paired with flat-brimmed hats and loose-fitting ponchos.

Nicole Miller Fall '07

Miller's evening pieces were, without question, the most anticipated part of the show. Making its way through the many muted tints was a surprise short, sleek, salmon and gold dress that screamed for attention. Her classic, lean and long flowing dresses were devoured as the lushness of fabrics rushed by.

Recapping her spring collection, the Central American motif is continued throughout elaborating on her well-known femininity and polished appeal for working women. Consistent in her easy-to-wear, seamlessly and effortless style , Miller remains subtle and natural this fall, complimenting her talent and place in the fashion world.

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