Morphine Generation Spring 2007 Collection

Hooded cape and blouse longer than the fitted jacket

Morphine Generation, Spring 2007 Collection features both male and female clothes. Designer Erik Hart introduced trench coats for women in beige and for men in gray. Mostly the line was comprised of plain, pale colors like white, gray, pale blue, beiges.

Men's casual wear

The show included both men's and women's shorts and fisherman's net sweaters. Although they were nice I personally would have enjoyed the sweaters unbelted more than the belted versions they were showing. They also had some lightweight knit sweaters. The clothes were nice, casual, comfortable and uncomplicated. For 2007, Morphine Generation has great preppy college clothes. The clothes are relaxed and uncomplicated.

Trenchcoats for men and women

For this season I have seen a few of the designers displaying unfinished hems as they showed in this line. I know its 'cool' sort of like ripped jeans, but not a look of which I'm especially fond. What I do like about the trend is that when I want to shorten some of my clothes, this year all I will need to do is just cut off the bottom (not even necessarily straight) let it unravel a bit and presto, I'll be good to go.

Short belted dresses

Suspenders and suspender look

They also had sweatshirts, jeans, and both long and short-sleeved shirts. It's nice clothing. Although there were a few surprises, it would have been interesting to see more of them. I love the rough at the edges clothing Morphine Generation made in the past. What can I say? I just like edgy clothes. I love Morphine Generations current season's hooded jackets and clothes with metallic skulls and silk-screened designs on the shirts.

Light colored light weight menswear

This collection just seems a lot more preppy for 2007, than in the past. While there are some solid designs, I expected to see more of their trippy designs. I did like the men's gray trench coat. The simplicity of the piece really made it stand out and wasn't the typical, average trench coat that we usually see. The epaulets weren't intrusive. It wasn't too overdone with buttons, zippers, 'stuff' that is usually the case with trench coats. It just had a clean, classy look that I really liked. I also liked the thin gauzy beige jeans. They seemed quite comfortable and were different.

Shorts and another belted dress

The women's shorts and plain little boy shirts were cute, but even the rail thin model looked a little wide in them. I can't imagine what they might look like on a curvy girl.

One ensemble I really thought looked terrific was a white or very pale gray mens suit. It fit quite good and had a cool look to it. The only thing I didn't care for was the pants hem at Âlength. I just don't get it, and for me I would have liked it better with a regular length pant.

Casual jackets

A belted and unbelted sheath dresses

Erik Hart began as a graphic designer and was a Los Angeles based musician. As many other small companies begin, Erik started the company in a dingy garage in Hollywood in 2003.

Lightweight soft flowing clothes

Short skirt with suspenders and cute short outfit

Capri pant suit for a man and a nice casual look

According to their website: 'Morphine Generation makes handmade one of a kind garments from the world's finest most luxurious resources. Morphine Generation looks, feels, and fits better than the last thing you bought. Morphine Generation is only sold in the world's finest boutiques. Morphine Generation is for heretics and hopeless romantics alike.'

A chic couple in their cool duds

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