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Mihaela! In her hands Knitting is an Art.

By Marcia Ferstenfeld

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Mihaela Manitiu is a wizard with yarn!  I was fortunate to discover her last year when my mother-the-knitter came from California for her yearly visit to our family.  I only wish we had discovered her sooner!  Mihaela began knitting at ten years old with her grandmother's guidance and hasn't stopped since.  As a little girl she 'wanted to give the world something different'.  Indeed she does just that in the form of exciting originality and style that delights the senses!  Gathering yarns from all over the world she applies her artist's eye and pulls together the most amazing blends of color, texture and pattern to create items you'd never imagine would come from a knitter's needle.  From scarves to coats and dresses, from baby blankets to full size afghans and all manner of accessories, even beautiful jewelry, for any size and every age, Mihaela designs and creates art and fashion in one.  Her motto, 'Knitting is just another form of art' is born out by her customized creations that range from simple to lavish.  As her website tells you, although Julia Roberts and Oprah both own her creations, you needn't be rich or famous to join them!


Three Beautiful Wearable Knits



Baby Cap



Children Learn to Knit With Mihaela


Her creative blending of yarns enables her lucky customers, young and old, male or female, who wish to do their own knitting and crocheting, to create the most unique and exciting garments. 


Mihaela in Crocheted Black Poncho



Knitted Afghan




Knitted Camisole



Knitted Gold Blouse


Oombined Knit and Crochet



Mihaela in a Rainbow Shawl


  A native of Romania, Mihaela has been in Michigan since 1990.  Initially in Birmingham, Michigan, she has been nestled in a quaint and charming shop in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, since the mid-nineties. Surrounded by spools and balls of color and texture, she teaches knitting as well, and has created a culture of friendship and adventure among the regulars at 'Mihaela's Exquisite Knits'.  Unlike the typical knit shop, Mihaela's is without the usual patterns or kits.  Her students learn to understand the essence of their creations and are not only instructed, but inspired.


Lacy White Shawl


Multi Colored Garment


My Knitted Cape




Yellow Lacy Poncho











Blended Yarn Shawl

Michigan's loss is California's gain as Mihaela is now ensconsed in Montecito.  We will not entirely lose her, since through her website and the mail, we can still order her magical yarn variety balls and blends, and consult on patterns and stitches as well as order garments created by her gifted hands.  I invite you to peruse her web site at http://www.mihaelaexclusiveknits.com/customized_garments .  Be sure you click on and enjoy the stories under 'about me' as well as all of the other pages on her website!  Those of you lucky enough to live in or around Montecito will find Mihaela at:

 Mihaela's Signature Designs
1482 East Valley Rd.
P.O. Box 313
Montecito, CA   93108
[email protected]




Published on Dec 31, 1969

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