Mel en Stel - Spring 2007 Collection

Just when I thought I have seen all there is to see in fashion, I soon discover something new and exciting. Ilse Eriksson's ultra cool label, Mel en Stel, contains designs unlike anything I have ever seen before. Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Eriksson is a fashion pioneer in the making.  Her designs are stylish, loose fitting, and contemporary. The colors range from bright white to deep blue. Since viewing her Spring 2007 collection on her website, I have come to the conclusion that the Mel en Stel clothing line will make lasting impressions. It is almost as though her designs are telling stories of their own. What I like about her creations is that nothing is flashy. When you visit her website, you will see that her clothes have just enough of an edge to make them memorable. Her designs are nothing short of pure genius. Anyone who can create wondrous works of fashion out things like old flags, parachutes, U.S. canvas mail bags, and blankets from youth hostels should not be classified as anything but a genius. I suspect that it is only a matter of time before she takes her rightful place in the fashion world.

This coat is absolutely hot. It seems as though it was inspired by a uniform of some sort. I love the color. It appears to me to be blue with gray undertones. The color of the coat works very well with the gold buttons. I believe this coat would shave years off of one's appearance because of its youthful style. If you visit the Mel En Stel website, you will find a picture of an equally stylish dress to match this coat.

It looks like Little Red Riding Hood has been resurrected and revamped. This red hot number gives a whole new meaning to the word innovation. Come to think of it, I have never seen a dress with a hood. I would have to add though, this design is best for those with slender figures.

This is my favorite coat in the whole collection. To be perfectly honest, I usually ignore beige raincoats. However, I cannot escape the allure of this one. In fact, the form is what makes the color look so beautiful. The high neck collar, which I am sure can be worn turned down, adds a sophisticated touch to it. The detail underneath the pockets makes the raincoat look even more fashionable. This design is just perfect.


This short dress illustrates what appears to be Eriksson's unique vision for her clothing label. The style is both youthful and unique. Remaining true to her method of creating great clothes, this dress is loose fitting and sophisticated. I would classify this stylish dress as a hit for sure.

Do you see what I see? The great thing about Eriksson is her creativity. When I look at this dress, I am reminded of the loose fitting dresses I wore as a child. Eriksson took that style and made it look great on an adult female. Again, she is a genius in my book. Clothes that are comfortable to wear are what every woman needs. I encourage you to visit the Mel en Stel website to view more of Eriksson's fabulous designs.

Images courtesy of Mel En Stel.

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