Marc Jacobs Fall 2007 Collection

The night I took a cab to the NYC Armory where Marc Jacobs was to reveal his Fall 2007 collection I had to get out and walk the final four blocks because of the traffic jam. Cab after cab after cab taking people to the exact same place. It was 10 degrees out and I watched my breath fly past me as I ran to make it on time, somehow still very excited, despite the cold. Marc Jacobs is a strong force with people of my generation.

The daring combo of gold and silver... and white (okay winter white) after labor day.

It doesn't surprise me that Sofia Coppola and he are friends because they both do for their respective art forms a similar thing. They both bring a completely new slant. She adds punk rock to a period piece and he adds funky and fun textures and details to women's high fashion. They both bring style to things people are tired of seeing done the same old way. So it's no surprise to me the cabs are lining the streets, stopped for blocks. You do something different and people take notice. It's the only real way to make a name for yourself and have it stick.

Midnight and navy blue (not to mention blue hair) were seen on many of the models

I wore one of his sweaters for the occasion, a beautiful short sleeved violet number with a see-through stripe of fabric down the center of the front, exposing a hint of my bra. Where else would you find this little flirty detail but in a Marc by Marc Jacobs design?

Pairing complimentary tones of red with black was a strong collection staple

When I arrive, I am astounded by the number of photographers lined up to catch the arriving celebrities. I'm a photographer but I'm not a paparazzo. And it was pretty amusing to hear them all frantically yelling out someone's name to get their attention and, ultimately, 'the shot.' 'Lenny! Lenny! LENNY! Lenny! Turn left Lenny! Turn left!!!' 'Li'l Kim! Li'l Kim! Li'l Kim! Over HERE!' "Rod! Rod!! Rod!!!" How people like Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone, Michelle Rodriguez, Harry Connick Jr., Russell Simmons, Li'l Kim, Debbie Harry, and Rod Stewart (and all the other celebrities that made an appearance that night) deal with being famous I'll never know.

These women could have stepped out of a black and white film directed co-starring Clark Gable

And to add more excitement and anticipation Marc Jacobs did his usual make-'em-wait tactic. The 8:00 pm show didn't actually begin until 9:30. Now you've got to be pretty great at what you do to make an audience of thousands wait that long, patiently.

The only layering to be seen was still done with simplicity

The room got dark, a spotlight lit the stage and we saw the large red curtains open to reveal a tableau of all the models, in their garments, frozen. It was as if we were looking at a painting. One after another models unfroze and made their way down the long runway, passing the enraptured audience, and pausing before the cameras for their close-up.

The Tableau

Marc did what any great artist does. He grew. And he also did what any great businessman does. He anticipated the unspoken needs of his clients. He knew they wanted a change. 'No more layers.' He said. And it's true, I think the only layered look I saw was a vest over another vest for yet another innovative turn. And he brought sophistication to his design this season.

Still Marc, he adds a little funk in the details

He brought back the straight lines of the 40's. Models peeking below hats from another time wore deep fall colors of navy, burgundy, winter white, mustard yellow, black and gray. If they wore black then a bold color in their gloves gave it that Marc stamp. A silver geometric patterned dress cut mid-calf was paired with a gold purse, for character. There were skinny and medium size belts everywhere and where they weren't, a sash was.

Shalom Harlow could have played Jean Harlow in this dress and hairstyle

The statement Marc Jacobs sent was heard loud and clear. Although we're in a new and modern age where girls can swear like a trucker and not cause a head to turn, he wants to bring back sophistication and class to the modern woman. And seeing as how I watched a woman spit on the sidewalk on the way into the show, as she talked with a girlfriend a little too loudly about her sexual exploits, I'd have to say, Marc' I couldn't agree more.

Whether it's red paired with a mustard bag or no red at all, yellow was an innovative fall color - Marc Jacobs never lets us down

Pants suits with belted waist visually lengthen the female form

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