Kevan Hall Fall 2006 Collection - Retro-Chic and Fur-Fabulous

Kevan Hall Fall 2006 Collection

Designer Kevan Hall

With images of Diana Ross in the 1975 film 'Mahogany' suspended in his mind, L.A.-based designer Kevan Hall created a mouth-watering, retro look for his fall 2006 collection seen on the runway March 19 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, CA.

Ross' character, Tracy, is a young ghetto woman, who puts herself through fashion school in the hopes of becoming one of the world's top designers. Her ambition leads her into the lives of people who are determined to get a piece of her long before she can realize her dream. While the plot oozes drama, it is decidedly overshadowed by the over-the-top, fun, and funky fashions. Hall undoubtedly channels the movie's fashion force with sleek and sophisticated silhouettes highlighted by rich jewel tones like emerald, amethyst, topaz, and alabaster mixed with chocolate brown. With granite and autumn tweeds peppered with gold sequins and beads, Hall creates a contemporary Mahogany that is all at once timeless and modern.

(L to R) Emerald diamond taffeta Ross gown, Onyx cashmere cape with fox fur trim

Hall, the former Halston designer, recently signed a licensing deal with Michael Pappas Furs. Thus, fur, fur, fur was all the rage and was incorporated into all 46 looks that graced the runway. A flourish of Finnish racoon, sable, and chinchilla accented the looks for both day and night. Finnish raccoon on the collar and cuffs of a reefer coat was paired with tweed pants. A mink vest added richness to a light-colored blouse and cuffed tweed pants. An amethyst-colored raccoon stroller coat jazzed up a brown satin skirt and mahogany turtleneck. Fur was dyed lavender or aqua to create muffs that matched long gowns. By far, the most luxurious fur was seen in the finale piece: a sable trimmed kabuki coat. The mahogany thread detailing on the coat gleamed under the lights. As the model walked down the runway, the coat floated creating a sail of rich gold. The sleeves, trimmed with sable, created halos of fur around the wrists. This coat was radiating with opulence.

(L to R) Sable trimmed kabuki coat, Nude paisley Gavina gown

Luxurious silk mateless shimmered with iridescence cut into soft draped bubbles and gala gowns, while tulle defied gravity. Red carpet dresses, with deep plunging necklines, were fitted at the top and complimented with flowing trains. Rich, soft fabrics such as charmeuse and taffeta swelled like ocean waves around the legs of the models as they paraded down the runway. Staying true to his signature look, Hall's gowns for fall '06 are the epitome of confidence and sophistication.

(L to R) Alabaster mink and patent crocodile duffle coat, Mahogany Swakara tunic

Hall continued his tradition of styling looks befitting the cultured, chic woman. Pants had skinny legs. Suits were clean and classic. From underneath the cropped tweed jackets peeked bustiers that added an enticing sexiness and mystique. An alabaster mink and patent crocodile duffle coat was draped elegantly over a mahogany turtleneck and sateen slim skirt, adding a sophisticated, citified aesthetic appeal to a more modern, clean look.

(L to R) Fuschia diamond taffeta twist front ball gown, Mahogany satin Romanesque gown

Hall's funky, fine 70s retro looks oozed Mahogany's fashion and flare. They were dark, beautiful, rich, and rare, and infused with Hall's signature polished panache. The result: an elegant, refined look that is perfect for the globe-trotting fashionista strutting down the streets of fashion capitals around the world, or down the runway. Tracy would have been proud!

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