Kate Los Angeles: A Clothing Salon

European style, New York edge, classic chic and femininity for the LA woman. This boutique is just a step off the beaten path, but well worth it's weight in gold when you discover it. You could call it the "Pot o' Gold" at the end of the rainbow. But don't expect to find a single piece of fabric that looks like the latest Blow Pop wrapper anywhere in this salon!

Kate's proprietor, Wendy Watson, has spent her life developing an exquisite sense of style that is worthy of singing her praises and thanking her for not one piece of bubblegum fashion anywhere! This woman knows how to dress a chic everyday LA woman with style.

Wendy grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and went to college to become a veterinarian, but changed her mind in the end. She was raised around 5 aunties who loved to get dressed up and they always asked Wendy for her advice. Wendy was a style expert even as a child! Although Wendy's dad would have preferred her to get the veterinary degree, she packed her bags and moved to California where she felt a sense of, what else? Freedom!

The Art Deco exterior of Kate resides at 515 S. Fairfax Ave. where it has been for the past 4 years. It is nestled in right next to a cozy cafe with outdoor seating if you need a power break for extra shopping energy.
Wendy's minimalist approach to fashion merchandising and how it showcases the diligently handpicked designer pieces are what will draw you into the curious coven of breathtaking delicacies.

Once inside the door you will be greeted by a dazzling display of couture jewelry alongside some more classic everyday designer jewelry. We all know what a girl's best friend is...... Jewelry!!!!

Slowly , but surely, you will be drawn into the heart of this salon which is where you will find the real jewels. Kate carries an eclectic array of designers for your devouring pleasure. The style can be described as the new breed of femme fatale meets Shakespear's Ophelia, romantic and ethereal.

Wendy saw a hole in LA's fashion market place. She wanted to create a place for the woman who wants a more muted classic look , but with a striking edge. Clothing that felt like every time you wore it, it felt like you were revisiting an old friend who would never disappoint. Clothing that wouldn't go out of style the next season.

Her color palette is comfortably muted in blacks, ivory, dark blue, greys and dirty pinks, inspired by her favorite Stella McCartney palette. The patterned pieces tend to have a vintage nature.

Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie are celebrities that Wendy takes inspiration from when editing pieces from a collection for her boutique. She also loves the 70's rock n' roll gypsy , Marianne Faithful, and the 20's flapper Louise Brooks look as well.

Wendy enjoys supporting designers and really takes time to understand the whole look they are trying to convey so that she may help her clients to understand these styles too. When choosing from a designer's collection, she likes to go for the meat of the collection! She aims for the "key" pieces and knows what women want to wear on a daily basis as well as out on the town, dressed to kill!!!

Some of the designers that Kate is currently hosting are Jovovich-Hawk, who's vintage inspired frocks leave one with loads of moxie!Kate also carries pieces from Henghst, Mike & Chris, Grace Sun, Lisa Levine, Mason and more...! Wendy also has an eye for spotting and seeking out fabulous emerging designers as well.

Kate is for the curious beauty who lives within every one of us. My hat goes off to Wendy for supplying us LA women with a divine clothing salon!

All Photographs by Marisa Youlden

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