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Jordache: The Look Is Back...

By Sarah Freiseis

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The Original Jordache Look

The Look' is back

The Jordache look that we began to identify with in the late 70's has returned.  Not that it actually went anywhere' it's just that a renewed demand for retro denim is bringing this company back into the forefront of the denim industry. 




The designer denim craze that peaked in the 80's brings back fond thoughts of that that perfect pair of jeans that made just the right statement. As an originator of the times, Jordache turned a wardrobe staple into a craze when logos and labels were becoming a major factor in brand identity.  With its horse head logo and recognizable back pocket embroidery the Jordache image remains true.


 What's old is new and what's new is old' vintage jean looks are back with vengeance.  The 'skinny jean' and vintage dark washes are at the forefront of this trend.  The dark tight denims exude sexy' especially with a little bit of back pocket embroidery bringing attention to your backside' and isn't that what it's all about' the bum.  There's nothing better than showing off your feminine features without doing much more than throwing on a pair of jeans. Dress em' up, dress em' down, you're ready to hit the town.

Lindsay Lohan and Usher in Jordache


As a vintage clothing enthusiast I believe Jordache is making a comeback in a big way' And there is no better indication of what's hip than snapshots of top trendsetters.  Many A-list celebs have recently been spotted sporting the Jordache brand including: Lindsay Lohan, Usher, Rebecca Romjin, Cameron Diaz, and Heidi Klum.

With over 25 years in the industry the Jordache enterprise has a lot to show for itself.  The company was founded in the late 70's by  Avi, Ralph, and Joseph Nakash.  As its first major mark onto the scene the fashion forward company introduced a tight sexy jean w/ unforgettable sexy ad campaigns that embodied the Jordache look of the 1970's.  The next decade of denim marked Jordache jeans offering up a five pocket jean that was a major must have.  In order to meet the demand, Jordache set up its own manufacturing facilities through out the world, many of which are still in use today.  The company found success in their juniors and girls lines throughout the 90's and in the past few years have become aggressively dedicated to the denim market by relaunching their vintage line. 



Elizabeth Hurley, Britany Murphy Ad Campaigns

Elizabeth Hurley, the 41 year old model/actress has just signed on as the newest spokesmodel for the Jordache vintage line.  The ad campaign is due out in September.  The line will be available at well known retailers such as Bergdorf, Fred Segal, Macy's, Intermix, and Nordstrom. The previous ad campaign showcased the first celebrity Jordache spokesmodel, actress Brittney Murphy.  As its first ad campaign announcing the vintage relauch, Murphy's ad debut in the fall of 2005.


And that's not all they have been up to.  The original makers have also introduced their premium denim 'Legacy' Line by reinventing their old school style by providing a 'more modern fit' and by introducing new washes. Legacy line retails for about $80-$100 and targets consumers 25 and older.   This line hit the racks of Lord and Taylor, Marshall Fields and other premium price point retailers this month.

The privately owned Jordache enterprise continues to grow.  In addition to its own brands Jordache®, and Jordache Vintage® the have also acquired Earl Jeans®, U.S. Polo Assn.®, Kikit Jeans®, and Fubu Ladies®.

The Look is back' and so it seems is Jordache.  I am curious to seeing where this goes' having a penchant for times past, I hope to see many a horse head logo plastered here, there, and everywhere' including my own closet' next to the originals I have been hording for years.

To find out more about Jordache, visit www.jordache.com

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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