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Hollywood, Ca-Saturday, June11th, Jixi Jeans infiltrated the LA fashion scene equipped with mischievous models adorned in Jixi's signature line of itty-bitty denim apparel. Jixi unveiled their newest pieces at Basque, Hollywood's hottest nightclub.  

Jixi's women's line is tailored to the sexy, trendy, club hopper. A Jixi woman is a contemporary starlet. She is playful, provocative, and confident in everything she wears. The runway inspired line of tops, pants, skirts and jackets are naughty nightclub chic. According to up-and-coming Jixi designer Satori, "If you feel sexy in what you wear, you will look sexy.' Jixi certainly stimulates our naughty side, and helps us to embrace it!

As the DJ mixed the most popular clubbing beats, models sauntered down the runway teasing and flirting with the crowd. Celebrity guest model, American Idol's Le Toya, worked the runway along with hotties from Project Runway and Janice Dickinson's agency. The men, who comprised the majority of the audience, were brought to their knees as the models performed pseudo-strip teases. With the risque vests that left little to the imagination, it is no surprise that the male onlookers were cheering for the models as they strutted, and nearly stripped, down the runway. Dollar bills, anyone?

There were a few highlights, however, that made the show memorable for reasons that do not involve the models' 'special areas.' A professional pair of hip-hop dancers performed a sexy, sizzling routine at the end of the runway. Their chemistry exploded off the catwalk and left the audience yearning for an encore!  In addition to the hot hip-hop performance, ballerinas gracefully glided down the runway in their Pointe shoes. They perfectly pirouetted and piqued all the while wearing mini skirts and short shorts. This added a playful and innocent element to the show that was quite contradictory to, but a welcomed change from, the over-sexed nudies that came before. 

There is a fine line between salacious sex appeal and just plain bawdy ' and some of Jixi's styles had a little bit more than their toe on the bawdy side. Perhaps it was the pairing of the items that led to this more licentious look. It is a well-known rule of thumb in fashion that less is more. Ladies, we choose one half of our bodies to show off: breasts or bootie. Jixi threw this rule to wayside. As a result, the show was a nearly nude free-for-all that detracted from the clothes themselves. Pairing micro-minis with a more substantial top, or tube tops with a longer skirt would have had the same, if not a more powerful, provocative effect on the audience. The audience would have applauded at the sight of an adorable white, cropped vest rather than catcall the model. Leave a little to the imagination, girls.


Provocative and provoking, however, are Jixi's overarching themes. Jixi encourages women to embrace their sultry, sexy side and have fun with it! With nightclubs in mind, it's no wonder that Jixi has girls prancing in all of their mid-drift glory to the front of the dreaded line at the bar! Jixi definitely hopped on the fashion bandwagon with their super short, short shorts that will undoubtedly have the club bouncers lifting the illusive velvet rope for those who squeezed their toosh into a pair! 

Ladies, we do not have to max out our credit cards to purchase those super sexy Jixi camo pants! Jixi designer, Satori, is bringing Jixi into the 'price conscious' market by taking the newest trends in fashion and creating a junior contemporary line. It is the perfect fit for everyone's budget. "Every woman knows exactly what looks good on them and it is my job to ensure that they get the best fit and style for an incomparable price,' Satori explained during the fashion show.

For all the ladies who plan to spend their sizzling summer nights partying in the hottest nightclubs in town, Jixi has you covered. Well, maybe not covered. Let's just say you will never stand in line again while sporting Jixi apparel!

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Photographs courtesey of David C. Lee Photography

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