inkslingers: n. (ingk´ sling´ inkslingers: n. (ingk´ sling´ rz)
1.Artisans who make a permanent mark or design on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment such as ink
2. Artists skilled in the 21st century art of tattooing
3. A tattoo artist.
4. A revolutionary fashion breakthrough of textured denim and tattooed garments.

Inkslingers - today's hottest ground breaking purveyors of rock 'n' roll street chic. Combining cutting-edge designs, which collide with the ancient art of tattooing, into a bold new line of clothing and accessories.


This Detroit based company was created by denim phenomenon Joe Faris and tattoo visionary Mike Jeziak, - the man who introduced the world to the legendary Inkslingers tattoo chain. Both men have spent the last several decades entrenched in America's fashion and tattoo cultures. They've used this experience to develop an explosive line of raw, graphic-oriented pieces that go beyond the dictates of old school tattoos and into a new world of ink piercing fashion.

This collection is based on giving someone who aspires for a tattoo but may be fearful of the anticipated pain or maybe is just intrigued by the notion of having a tattoo, the opportunity to express themselves without the permanency.

Inkslingers are known for using old school designs - like skull and bones, tribal symbols, and custom designs - like the brand's classic heart with wings. All designs are authentic American artwork that gives someone the freedom to reinvent themselves as often as they change their clothes.


The designers created a whole new concept of tattoo artistry with an inking process that relates to both denim and leather. 'Inkslingers is a first in the industry,' says Jeziak. Unlike other brands which only mimic tattooed garments with painted-on designs, Inkslingers worked closely with its own tannery for more than a year and a half to develop the process of actually tattooing the garment skins.'

'A lot of what we do revolves around the art and bringing the world of the Inkslingers into the realm of fashion design' says Faris, who previously launched the famed Nero Jeans label. 'Each inkslinger brings his own experience to the table, making it so vast and so cross-cultural it's virtually indefinable. Our focus is trailer-park couture for both men and women. The root of our inspirations come from tribal, rock-n-roll, sailors, hula girls and old school influences.'


Beyond their passion for the art of the inkslinger, the brand has an uncompromising attention to detail with vintage-inspired denim washes, cleverly designed cuts, sturdy hardware, rich textures. Daringly original and rebelliously confident, the collection includes men's and women's denim, shirts, tooled leather jackets, vintage tees, leather wrist bands, biker bags and a full line of accessories.

'Inkslingers is about living life by your own rules,' says Jeziak.

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