Fuze Necklaces and Pet Blinkers from Flipo

Whether you're looking to brighten up your own wardrobe, or turn your pet into a fashion maven, Flipo has just the thing for you.

Fuze necklaces are truly amazing.  Each unisex necklace feature a unique gem stone made of Quartz, selected by hand, shaped, and polished to specific standards. 

Using a tiny watch battery (3 included), Fuze gems radiate an iridescent aura of light, gradually shifting through a vibrant spectrum of soothing colors.  In the process, this color shift reveals the unique lines and shape of each stone.  The elegant settings for each item are crafted from machined stainless steel and accentuate the distinctiveness of each Fuze.  Perfect for clubbing.  Truly need to be seen to be believed.  


If you're more concerned with your pet's fashion savvy, or simply want to coordinate, try out Pet Blinkers.  These sturdy stainless steel units connect to your pet's collar, providing visibility up to half a mile.  Not only will your pet look great, you'll be able to keep tabs on your furry little mischief maker.  Pet Blinkers come in two sizes, six colors, and are water resistant. 


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