Frederick's of Hollywood Valentines Style

Valentines Day is just around the corner. With a little help from Fredericks of Hollywood, we've developed a quick test to help you find your seduction type.

Do you dream of being swept of your feet by a rogue highwayman while your bosom heaves inside your corset, in tantalizing anticipation? If so, then you are a 'Duchess of Daring'.

Are you truly innocent or just like to play at innocent? Adorned in a sweet and sassy babydoll, yours is the perfect girl next door image. Keep him guessing if you are naughty or nice, the choice is yours. You are a 'Coy Demure Coquette'.

If your seductive preference is a matching bra and panties, you are focused and driven. Whether you set your sights on conquering the world or his heart, you've got what it takes and you know how to use it.  You are an 'Irresistible Temptress'.

Do you like to feel the whisper of a silky teddy under your clothes during the day, a secret reminder of the delights to come?  You know what to wear, you know what you want, and you know how to get it. If so, then you are a 'Self Assured Seductress'.

Do you often feel in the mood to be worshipped? Would you be found draped in a luxurious flowing gown with your man on his knees pledging his undying devotion?  Yes? Then you are a 'Goddess of Delights'.

Do you enjoy elegantly lounging around the penthouse in your sensual pajamas?  Is your passion undeniable as you take pleasure in lighting his fire? Then you are a 'Mesmerizing Siren'.

Whether you are a Siren, Coquette, Temptress, Seductress, Demure, Goddess or Daring Duchess, in any of these styles from Fredericks of Hollywood, you will be a delicious feast for his eyes. His very own sexy, sultry, valentine.

Fredericks of Hollywood has more than 150 boutique stores nationwide or you can find these styles online at:

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