Frederick's of Hollywood Summer Collection

Its summer and you can finally let your hair down. Take this time to explore all the varied sides of your personality and choose to be someone different every weekend of the month. Fredericks of Hollywood has some great choices to release the many facets of you.

Athletic Tomboy do you feel more at home in a treehouse than in a teahouse? This summer are you more inclined to be volleying a tennis ball over a net than shopping on the internet for those beach bag and shoes?  Does the cut of your boyfriend's underwear feel more comfortable than that black lace thong?  If so you are an Athletic Tomboy and the following styles will make you feel as comfortable in them as out of them.

Retro-girl loves to be center stage. She loves minuet details like lace and ruffles only never over the top, subtle is the song she sings. She has the sweet innocent girl act well rehearsed. Coy and demure, flirty and fabulous in these summer scanties.


A Satin Doll dreams in lace. Her reality is romance, to be desired is her destiny. Everything around her is beautiful, soft and sensual, as exquisite as these dreamy creations.

Commando girl likes it au natural. When she needs support she likes it to be strong but unseen, just like this invisible bra collection.

Don't spend another minute without exploring all the women who make up the essence you. 

Fredericks of Hollywood has more than 150 boutique stores nationwide or you can find these styles online at:

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