Event Review: The New Garde: Gen Art At L.A. Fashion Week

(March 29, 2004: Culver City, CA)  The opening day of L.A. Fashion Week closed with a bang as a few hundred guests packed Ten9Fifty Studios to attend Gen Art's couture kickoff bash, taking place just a couple of miles from Smashbox Studios (the hub of this spring's Fashion Week).  Guests experienced a visual/aural/visceral nightcap to FW's opening at Smashbox -- a fun way to end a day of crowded runway shows, celeb sightings and model mingling.
Gen Art's shindig delighted the senses as they showcased a trio of cutting-edge designers: Cosa Nostra, Madley and Society for Rational Dress.  The opening show was visually intriguing (how DID they get those boots into those overhead balloons?) -- and for the evening's grand finale, "The New Garde" turned Avant-Garde.  As Alice from Wonderland might say, things got "curiouser and curiouser" as white-faced zombie-like models slowly (and I mean VERY slowly) walked along a smoke-enveloped stage, showing off ultracreative fashion that seemed to have crash landed from another planet.  Smashbox, for all its great shows, will have a hard time beating the sheer performance-art artfulness of this one (but then, it IS Gen ART, after all!).
During and after the fashion shows, many attendees downed Absolut Vodka libations, while others (including yours truly) imbibed Invigor8 energy drinks (with a can that looks like those other energy drinks, but tastes quite different, less sugary sweet than the RedBull-Rockstar pack -- not surprising since it's 100 percent juice with no sugar added and made by the V8 people).  Ecru's friendly crew provided complimentary hair styling, while their shampoo and conditioner graced the giftbags given to guests, who included celebs such as Taryn Manning.  And the "truth in advertising" award goes to Ana Gallegos, whose fine company Beautiful Bartenders provided just what the name says.
Overall, twas a fine time of fab fashion.  Special thanks to Lee Trimble of Gen Art and Brooke Primero of Bragman Nyman Cafarelli for their assistance, and cheers to DJ Samantha Ronson for keeping the fashion and fun flowing seamlessly (a clothesminded adverb I couldn't resist).  And kudos to Gen Art's sponsors: Absolut Vodka, Acura (a faithful G.A. supporter, always there at Gen Art events, and their new TSX is one hot car), Ecru New York, L'Oreal Feria (love their haircolor), Invigor8, Red Stripe and STRUT Car Jewelry.  For more info on Gen Art, visit www.genart.org .
Don Rose
Entertainment and Technology Writer
Publisher & Editor In Chief, The Rose Review
Reporter, Radio Parallax, KDVS FM
[email protected]

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