Edwing D'Angelo Midnight Rain Fall 2007 Collection

Imagine the darkest night when all of a sudden, the brightest rain illuminates the sky. The raindrops are each of Edwing D'Angelo's fabulous designs shown during his presentation, Midnight Rain. It comes as no surprise to me that the inspiration for this fabulous collection was the result of a rainstorm while on a visit to his native Colombia. As I sat in amazement during the presentation of his collection at the historic National Arts Club, I wondered what other things could have inspired him. It was most likely sophistication and originality.

Edwing D'Angelo and R&B legend Patti Labelle

Edwing D'Angelo has impressive credentials. He utilized his expertise as the fashion consultant for the BET Music Awards and Univison. At present, there are three collections under his belt: Karas by Edwing D'Angelo, Edwing D'Angelo Couture, and Edwing D'Angelo Bridal.

Anheuser Busch, Sylvia Luzuriaga; Designer, Edwing D’Angelo; Patti LaBelle; Borough of Manhattan Deputy President, Rose Pierre-Louis; New Origins, Charles Powell & Keith McHenry; Michelle Page-Paterson and Power 105, Malikah

The exceptional designer has a following that includes a number of celebrity clients. Among them is Ms. Patti Labelle who, looking beautiful as always, hosted Midnight Rain. In fact, February 8, 2007 was declared Edwing D'Angelo and Patti Labelle Day because of their concerted efforts in the world of entertainment and fashion. Power 105 radio personality Malikha Mallette hosted the honorable declaration. The admiration does not end there. His celebrity clientele also includes Vivica A. Fox, Sean Paul, Monique, Nelly, and Wynona Judd. Judging from his stylish designs, I am sure that list only names a few.

Sassy satin dress

Will the top hat be back in style?

So you think you have never seen any of his eye pleasing designs before? If you saw The Devil Wears Prada or Dirty Laundy then you had the pleasure of viewing Edwing D'Angelo's wears. In case you missed those, his designs have also appeared in both Pepsi and Reebok commercials. Edwing D'Angelo's designs have a unique and worthy purpose for those who wear them. You will not see any lifeless colors on designs which bear his name on the label. "I believe that we are coming out of a very dark fall season and my desire is for my clientele to be optimistic about the future by wearing bright fall colors, such as rich yellows, opulent reds and regal blues in combination with traditional black," D'Angelo said. 

R&B singer Jeremiah

Being the music lover that I am, Midnight Rain was pure heaven for me. Not only did I hear some of my favorite tunes like SexyBack by Justine Timberlake or Icebox by Omarion, I encountered the amazing voice of classically trained R&B artist, Jeremiah.

I really appreciate the fact that Edwing D'Angelo included models who have bodies like real women to show off his collection. On the left is a knockout red silk chamois dress that I believe would work best on women with curvy figures. If you want to talk about originality, take a look at the creation on the right. This gets my vote for number one in creativity. What we have here is a canary yellow gown that is short in the front and long in the back. The fabric is ostrich silk satin that is ruffled and fan-like.


This sultry brocaded midnight blue silk coatdress is one of my favorites. I could picture this dress making headlines at a holiday party.



Since violet is one of my favorite colors, there was no missing this hot number. It is a violet silk chamois with a ruffled front halter. The dress is simply lovely.

I would have to say that I have not seen anything like his collection before. This was an experience I will never forget.

All Photos by Bennett Ranglin

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