Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2007 Collection

I had eagerly anticipated shooting the Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2007 Collection because I own several pieces of hers. Correction' COVET, I covet several pieces of hers. In fact I wore one of her black silk skirts to show my loyalty despite the fact that the usual attire for photographers is jeans and sneakers. But come on now, this is the lady, the legend, Diane Von Furstenberg! And I was not about to wear sneakers to her show.

A superb geometric design on both dress and matching jacket or a single bold color, depending on your mood

The photographers

There were over 100 photographers documenting this high profile event. It was a mad house. Diane Von Furstenberg has, after all, been a force to be reckoned with in the fashion business for over 30 years. She first came onto the scene with the dress that she has only recently brought back to the public eye, the wrap around dress. When she first designed this stylish and versatile little number it was so popular that it landed her on the cover of Newsweek. (And she sold over 5 million versions of it!)

Diversity in style is one of the designer's strengths

After that crazy popularity there was a time of withdrawal. Her overwhelming success and subsequent saturation in the industry caused Diane to retreat to Paris for some much needed rest and regrouping in 1985. One of my girlfriends always says we aren't like the sun, burning with the same brightness every day. We are more like the moon, moving in cycles. Sometimes we're full and sometimes we're just a sliver.

V-neck or Puzzle cut necklines on elegent dresses...with pockets that actually work

Well Diane's moon is shining bright and full now! Since her return in 1990 she's opened stores in the West Village (2001), Miami ('03), Paris ('04), Los Angeles and Hong Kong ('05) and in St. Tropez as well as her native Belgium (both in '06). And she just purchased a building in the meatpacking district that will be her new headquarters. Now that's a comeback!

No matter what your personal style, Diane has the dress for you

And like a great band performing songs they know the audience will demand to hear again, the wrap around dress opened and closed the show. But there were 48 new beauties in between, each reaffirming the Diane Von Furstenberg quote; 'I design for the woman who loves being a woman.' Whether the dresses were black or fire engine red, solid or emblazoned with geometric patterns, there were undeniably feminine.

The red wrap around can be worn day or night

Being a small-breasted woman I've always loved the flattering necklines of a Diane Von Furstenberg dress, and there were many to choose from here. I love that she draws the attention to the woman, not the dress in her designs. The tunics, shifts and wrap-arounds all floated as the models walked down the runway. I especially liked that although the collection was for fall she didn't opt for floor length gowns, instead choosing dresses that cut off at the knee for a more fun approach. You can always wear a coat, right?

A coat or sweater in a slightly darker shade of the dress you're wearing can make your knee length dress all the more cozy

And while Diane Von Furstenberg has branched out considerably from the fashion world by writing three coffee table books on the rituals of Life (Beds, The Table, The Bath) a memoir (A Signature Life) and starting a publishing house back in France, her real contribution has been to all of the women she made feel beautiful in a dress she designed. I know I walk a little taller when I wear a DVF.

A bold white on black pattern for the woman who wants to be seen

'Attitude is everything', she once said. Sure, but it helps to wear a fantastic dress to have it.

I heard many of the photographers agreeing that Diane is more beautiful than her models

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