Carlos Miele Spring 2006 Collection Enchanting

With every new season, fashion casts its spell -and this spring promises to be nothing short of magical. Enchanting its spectators with inspiring fashion and over-the-top beauty are sure to be interpreted by women everywhere. Through his designs, Carlos Miele, the Sao Paulo, Brazilian native, knows to look beyond the "picture" to see the true possibilities in each piece. Miele, is one who is known for great presentation. This season he combined Brazilian beats and used video of sandy beaches to counteract his ensemble of elegant and colorful pieces that were showcased on the runway barefoot.

Carlos Miele Collection: Burgandy Dress

The show gave a rare glimpse -in today's hard-edged fashion system -of a young unfettered imagination reaching idealistically toward poetic expression. Inspired by The Fold by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, Miele's runway pieces exhibited various shapes and forms that spoke volumes.

Charcoal grey alpaca hand knit w/ mink collar and Astrakhan jacket w/ Sable Collar

And might I add, displayed impressive tailoring skills as well. His jackets and dresses with their skewed antique cuts, were distinctive but yet wearable. He combined sleek silhouettes, beautiful fabrics, and a timeless style that relates to fashionable women worldwide.

Cream and White long balone shantung dress and Vintage rose georgette dress w/ off-white floral belt

This evening line was certainly chic and sophisticated. Miele's designs were a salute to the women who seek elegance in fashion

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