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Who among us, women, doesn't dream about clothes that put together comfort and timeless feminine sex-appeal? Light, summer, colorful compositions floating in the wind seem to add unforgettable charm to every woman's image. No matter where and when - during the busy day in the city or calm evening at home, feeling cozy but pretty seems to be the greatest advantage that clothing can offer to us.

When it's about skirts Boutique Oohlala proposes a great variety of the real 'women shaped' skirts. The owners Joseph Walker and Craig Cochrane seem to have an idea to target women of all ages and cultures, mixing designs from different decades with esthetical influences from all over the world. Long, medium and mini-skirts from Boutique Oohlala can surely fulfill many different needs.

Anabel in Pink Crowns - A little bit romantic, a little bit energetic

Corresponding to the hippie trends of the 60' Boutique Oohlala presents a corduroy and flowery compositions in various lengths. Enriched with bewitching details skirts are twinkling with light reflections on velvet straps and bows. The subtle charm of the old school materials gets mixed with modern trends, giving soft, ethereal and sexy skirts as the effect.

But designer's imagination grabs even older ideas from the world's fashion history, getting back to the era of extensive, fluffy skirts like those floating over the dance floors in the rock'n'roll era of the 50'. Following these trends you can find yourself better shaped, while the skirts of this kind put an accent on the line of the hips and seem to hide possible defects of the figure above this line.

Crystal in Chocolate - A bit of corduroy coziness

Also classic polka dots seem to be in a real reconnaissance lately. This simple but charming overprint makes the skirt look innocent and naive, bringing a taste of youth to every woman's look. Black and white combination keeps it look elegant and adds a sophisticated charm of the oldies to it as well.

Whitney in Classic Pokadot - everlasting composition

Another timeless inspiration for women's fashion designers are oriental emblems and flowers. Intensive colors of these exotic elements bring a natural energy and freshness to the each piece of clothing. Well composed, bright colors can make us look younger and more optimistic. Choosing the right facture for our figure we can modify the final effect, while large shapes underline some parts of our figure and tiny overprints just the opposite. What's more - skirts slightly graced with shiny details look elegant and impressive, presenting itselves well in the sunshine as well as in the discrete light of candles.

Fantasizing of the perfect look women think of independency, comfort and beauty combined into effective but not expensive whole. Skirt seems to be one of the important parts when it's about compiling everyday outfit and not lacking in women's charm. Thanks to the variety of inspiration our choice can be personalized and we can create a new, individual style. The well done skirt can organize the whole image, being the focusing point of what we're wearing. This is a choice of taste and mood and it feels good to have a choice.

Boutique Oohlala - couldn't have been sweeter

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Boutique's address: 5046 Eagle Rock Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90041

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