Antik Denim Spring 2006 A Real Show

Antik Denim took another step in its meteoric rise to the top with a show spectacular during LA's fashion week.  From haute couture breast flashing, to kiddie denim this country western themed road show was a small triumph for Antik designers Alexandre Caugant and Philippe Naouri.  This premium line which is now producing some of the most coveted denim lived up to the grave responsibility that came with hosting the last show of the evening.

Clearly one of the most anticipated shows of the whole week, the main tent at Smashbox studios was filled to standing room only.  In addition to the frenzy of stylists, photographers and fashion guru's, celebrity front row guests included Macy Gray, Angela Bassett, Jennie Garth, Brooke Burke, and Adrienne Curry.  The buzz of excitement was apparent as celebrity and commoner alike prepared to view this highly anticipated fashion event. 


So should we believe the hype?  Or is Antik just another new brand with a few celebrity endorsements trying to hard to be the next big thing.  They obviously had a lot to prove and in the slew of heavy premium denim competition and they knew it.   As for the show itself,   a standout performance---- the designers tried hard and it showed.   They managed an elaborate multi media presentation that included everything from a streaming video background to a mechanical bull.   The co-ed parade of models all sported perfectly sculptured torsos that managed to show more clothes than skin inabout every look.  Fortunately and unfortunately for them that wasn't always a  bad thing.  A daring production the crowd took in the latest denim looks combined with old west inspired corsets and girly ruffled trims. 

Also as most fashion enthusiasts know, when designers take time out to plan a fabulous show they often leave their best sketches on the drawing board.  But Antik avoided this fatal faux pas, Caugant and Naouri managed to design a casual yet very' very sexy Spring 2006 collection.  The clothing was a denim lovers delight fresh, exciting takes on America's favorite fabric.  Antik's signature back pockets and perfectly faded denim was skillfully recreated in everything from figure flattering jeans to over-sexed daisy dukes.  In classic fashion show fashion there was both the wearable and the 'just for show' pieces that kept the audience yearning for more.

'Each pair by design is a one of a kind original,' Naouri says. 'Every year we plan to create a collection based on timeless American styles and cuts. However, because we are about fashion, there will always be a modern edge worked in one way or another.'

Investing heavily in high end Japanese fabric, hand- wrought embroidery, whip stitching and leather patches the designer's quest is to produce authentic western denim designs that look better with age.  Hopefully they add just enough to justify their $200-$300 price and differentiate them from the insurgence of other premium denim.  My bet is that with their recently opened West Hollywood boutique, they'll be ok for quite a while.

As far as their show' .they definitely showed and proved they can hang with the best of them. Just seconds after showcasing a parade of children in miniature versions of their designs, they ended the show with a scantily clad model ridding a mechanical bull.  Now that's a show.      

 pictures by Getty Images


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