Alvin Valley Fall 2007 Collection - Timeless Classics with a Zing

The drape in back necklines add to Valley's sensuality

Smashbox Studios: On Tuesday, March 18, 2007 at 6pm, New York based fashion designer, Alvin Valley presented his AS IS Collection to a full house at Smashbox Studios, Stage One during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Prior to the show, I was not quite sure what to expect from Alvin Valley since I was not too familiar with his designs. As in seasons past, part of my selection process in which show to view is determined by the invitation that I receive and in this case, Alvin Valley was no exception. Similar to the clean lines on the invitation, the AS IS collection was timeless, classic and pure in nature. Valley showed us a collection that was clearly inspired by the first female pilot, Harriet Quimby by which his program notes read, 'may her strength and style live on' Alvin Alley.

Brown & chocolate tones used as dominant color in Alvin Valley Fall 2007

The opening pieces to his collection were in the brown, ivory and dark chocolate color palette. One by one, the sensual pieces made it down the runway on the models. The feel of the hair and make-up was a 1940's romantic influence where the deep swirl of the hair with the soft bun was reminiscent of that time. Another touch as it relates to hair and make-up was the use of the beret in sporadic intervals. Valley used the beret in a free spirited manner at times placing the beret on the crown of the head and at times to the side of the models head depending on the overall look.

The beret as accessory

For this tops, Alley added metallic detail to some while to others he added an interesting, seductive opening to the back. Furthermore, he used the bell sleeve, the short sleeve and at times his tops were in your classic long sleeve. Another aspect of his line that I liked was the wide legged cut of his pants.  From the pleated trouser, the aviator flight pant to the high waist belted trouser, Alley offered a few style options to his trouser.

Valley best known for his pants

The modern, classic element about this collection kept me captivating in guessing his next ensemble down the runway. The Alley designs were similar to the likes of Jil Sander, BCBG, LA's Peter Cohen and MAXMARA. Another aspect of his line that I loved was the cut of his jacket. His jackets were a blend between aerospace, military precision with an edginess taken from the streets of New York City. His jackets were cut to the waist for the most part and I don't recall seeing any of his jackets to the thigh or below.

The Alvin jacket

The Alvin Valley Fall 2007 collection was a hit. The line spoke of sophistication, timeless and sensuality. For me the cherry on the cake was the backstage interviews that he gave and listening to some of the praise he received from attending press. Bravo to Valley's AS IS collection. It's a wrap

The finale

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