FOXGLOVES are the perfect garden gloves

I had a beautiful girlfriend who I was trying to get interested in my passion of gardening.

She needed to protect her small beautiful hands so we went off shopping at Home Depot & OSH and tried on all the available gloves. Most of them had stitching that hurt her hands at the seams or were stiff & course for her sensitive hands and most were too large so we gave up looking. I really wanted her to join me in the garden so we searched on the Web and found FOXGLOVES.

We each got a pair, she chose fuchsia and I chose delphinium for our colors. When they arrived we were very pleased to see that they fit beautifully. They went on like fancy dress gloves but were much more able to handle the garden work we were doing, ok getting muddy and doing heavy yard work. When we needed to get into the tougher work like trimming roses, we used them as the under glove for the more uncomfortable gloves. They lasted fine for the time I was in the relationship but that unfortunately ended soon after we started using the gloves so I can't say how long they would last with heavy use but I am looking for a new recruit that would like a small fuchsia comfortable glove and then I can let you know.

Foxgloves are made of SUPPLEX nylon for durability and LYCRA spandex for four-way stretch. Because of this, the resulting garden gloves are able to last much longer than the old fashioned gloves from years gone by and offer strength and durability with a soft, cottony feel that will provide protection for your hands and long lasting performance in your garden.

The gloves were designed by Harriet Z. a landscape architect who was unhappy with the gloves she found available on the market one day tried a pair of women's dress gloves from the 1950's and found they were nearly perfect as garden gloves. They fit snugly and protected her hands. But they weren't meant for the job and wore out quickly. She combed thrift shops and flea markets to buy replacements. She realized that with modern materials she could make the same type of gloves that would last longer and in that entrepreneurial sprit she started to manufacture the gloves she needed for others to be able to share her discovery. For more information or to order your own gloves go to

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