Starr African Rum

Distilled and bottled on the African island paradise of Mauritius - a star of Africa.


Starr African Rum is unique among the great rums of the world. Not only is the bottle an eye-catching red gem, Starr's unexpected flavor originates in the island's rich, volcanic soil and reflects the vivacity of its African roots with hints of citrus and a cardamom body.  Starr's smooth, clean taste derives from their sophisticated distilling techniques that create the ultra-refined rum. Although subtle, Starr's character possesses an unmistakable joie de vivre.

A sugar cane-based "ultra superior light" rum offering not only a less pungent alternative to other ultra-premium rums, but freestanding and highly mixable product to appeal to vodka drinkers and others alike. This 80 proof, light rum is as smooth as a high-end vodka. However, where top shelf vodkas work to remove their flavor, Starr African Rum preserves all the wonderful flavors of the rum that make it unique. With a cardamom base, Starr has hints of citrus, cherry and nutmeg among others.  Because of its myriad of flavors to play off, New York and L.A. bartenders have embraced I, creating their own mix recipes, like the Starrf**ker at Rue B in the East village and in Beverly Hills at the famed L'Ermitage Hotel, mixing Starr with Alize.


The bottle is what makes the first impression. Its triangular pyramid shape is a provocative throwback to the Art Deco era. Custom made by the master craftsmen of South Africa, the bottle is also bright red in hue, reminiscent of Africa's bright natural colors. The image of Africa is embossed in gold on the bottle, the large island of Madagascar off its south east, with a star symbol to the right of that, indicating the island of Mauritus.


With a suggested retail price of $29.99, Starr is a low-carb, low-calorie indulgence for rum lovers. Currently available at trendy locales including Bungalo 8, Pastes and Cipriani's in New York City and The Palm, L'Ermitage Hotel, Loi and Jones Hollywood in Los Angeles, Starr has also made its way, via signature cocktail "S&G" (Starr and ginger ale), to such exclusive gatherings as FOX Television's fall premiere party, Snoop's album release party and Chingy's post-AMA party. 

Starr & G

2 oz Starr African Rum
5 oz Gingerale

Fill highball glas with ice and pour in ingredients.
Garnish with a lemon or lime wedge.

Bogart's African Queen

3 oz Starr African Rum
3 oz Alize Passion Fruit

Pour into a mixer with ice, shake well and strain into a martini glass.


Rue-B Starrf**ker

2.5 oz Starr African Rum
.5 oz blood orange puree
.5 oz peach puree
.5 oz raspberry puree
.5 oz orange juice
Splash simple syrup

Pour into a mixer with ice, shake well and strain into a martini glass.


Starr African Honeybee

1.5 oz Starr African Rum
.5 oz whipped cream
.5 oz of honey syrup
.25 oz of Amaretto

Pour into a mixer with ice, shake well and pour contents including ice into a rocks glass.

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